Rewind, recap: weekly update w/e 18/06/17

Whitby Abbey – The inspiration for Dracula.

Thought I’d go a bit gothic this week. It’s still in keeping with the theme of books as this is Whitby Abbey, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula which, incidentally, was part of the focus for my extended essay for by A’ Level in English Literature. Just saying…

Of course that was many, many (many, many, many) years ago and this was actually my first visit to Whitby. I once sort of visited the area when I was a nipper, but we are talking decades ago and I have only a very vague recollection of perhaps visiting Flamingo Land. Certainly, in spite of an obsession with horror movies from an early age, I knew nothing of the legend of Dracula. Well, nothing beyond the odd Christopher Lee Hammer Horror film and George Hamilton’s Love at First Bite. Loved that film 😀 Continue reading “Rewind, recap: weekly update w/e 18/06/17”

Rewind recap – weekly update w/e 26/3/17

Well. This has been a week and a half. Well, technically speaking it has been a week of seven days like every other week but you know what I’m saying. I feel like I have been pulled from pillar to post and have achieved next to nothing. But given events mid-week you have to realise that things can always be worse and make the best of what you have got as 9 times out of 10 it is more than enough. Be thankful and be happy.

Par for the course, I’ve had a lot of meetings, Manchester, Brownhills and Leicester – living the dream me – and the week ahead will be pretty much the same only it’s Dublin and Leeds. And then one quick blink and March is over and April begins. When the heck did that happen right?

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Rewind, recap – weekly update w/e 11/3/17

So, I’m a day earlier with my recap post this week and I think moving forward I’ll probably be flitting between Sunday and Monday for the posts, depending on what I have in the diary. This coming week I have blog tours on both Monday and Sunday, hence my pulling this forward by a day.

This has been an eventful week. Fun, long, busy, and tiring, but rewarding too. It started with a quick round trip to Dublin on Monday. Second time in eight days and I’m back again at the end of the month but I did enjoy a nice latte and piece of caramel shortbread at the airport so it wasn’t all bad ;). Tuesday saw me spend a whole day deleting e-mails in the office. Wednesday was a mix with a morning in and afternoon out. The out part was extra special as I took a train down to London for the Sealskin launch at Goldsboro Books. It was a lovely evening and I got to meet a few of my fellow bloggers too so that was a nice added bonus.


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Book Post: w/e 29/01/17

Just a little bit of post this week but when you get a publisher send you a DM on Twitter to ask if they can send you a book… well how can you possibly say no. And I have to admit I’ve seen this one popping up quite a bit on Twitter, watching with a not so small amount of book envy as my fellow bloggers flashed their wares as it were.

Well now I have one too and it’s very pretty. Thanks very much to Emily Kitchin from Hodder Fiction. I loved the little note that came with it. Dark & disturbing is right up my street. 🙂