#BookLove: Jill Culiner @JArleneCuliner

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Today I’m delighted to welcome authro Jill Culiner to Jen Med’s to help me spread a little more book love. We’ll take a look at all of Jill’s bookish choices, just as soon as we’ve learnt a little more about Jill herself.

About Jill


Born in New York, raised in Toronto, Jill Culiner has lived in several cars, one closet, a Hungarian mud house, a Bavarian castle, a Turkish cave dwelling, in a haunted house on the English moors, in the Sahara desert, on a Greek island, in several French villages and has worked as a go-go girl, belly dancer, fortune teller, translator, newspaper deliverer, radio broadcaster, contemporary artist, photographer, actress and writer.

Sad Summer in Biarritz is her second mystery, following Death by Slanderous Tongue. Her other books are: Finding Home In the Footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers, winner of the Tannenbaum Award for Canadian Jewish History; Félix et moi: à la recherche du patrimoine; a photography book, Sans s’abolir pourtant. As  J. Arlene Culiner, she has written several romances (.www.j-arleneculiner.com)

You can follow Jill on social media and her website:

Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook 

DBST.jpgDeath by Slanderous Tongue

Welcome to Épineux-le-Rainsouin, a typical French village of yellow cement houses with PVC windows and roll-down PVC shutters. Here, village gossips observe all from behind their factory-made, crocheted curtains; intensive chicken farms produce record numbers of broilers; and culture is defined by television game shows.

When Didier, village employee, suddenly disappears, tongues wag: everyone knows he’s a lady’s man, too handsome, too charming for his own good. And after his body is discovered in his bath, more than one cuckolded husband sighs with relief. Equally relieved, are all the wives who knew Didier as a lover — and blackmailer.

But blackmail continues, and as village secrets are exposed, it seems unlikely that Didier’s death was accidental. Before Épineux-le-Rainsouin can again settle down to its usual torpor, corruption, illegal building schemes and farming abuses, a murderer must be found.

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SSIB.jpgSad Summer In Biarritz

I have now started my new life with its positive dynamic; by recording all details, I’ll see a pattern emerge. One day — perhaps in the very near future — I’ll peruse these notes with pleasure. One day. When I’m secure in love, in my own home, in happiness.

The narrator, a Canadian woman, hopes to change her life by moving to Biarritz. Having escaped a devastating relationship with the mentally unstable Dominique, she is determined to make new friends and find the perfect mate. But in this summer resort frequented by couples and families, available singles are lonely people, too often embittered by romantic failure. And if the young artist Vinnie has promised entry into local society, he remains an illusive figure.

When Vinnie’s body surfaces at the Pointe des Fous new rumours circulate. Had he really been a fortune hunter, a seducer and blackmailer, or just a gentle, over-sensitive man, a loser in love and friendship? The police have concluded his death was accidental, but doesn’t everything point to murder? Or is the narrator over-reacting? Perhaps loneliness and isolation have made her suspicious, for love is as unattainable as ever, and threatening letters from Dominique are arriving with increasing frequency.

Sad Summer in Biarritz, is a mystery, a story of the desperately lonely search for love, and a satirical portrait of French nouveau riche society in the 1980s.

Amazon UK | Amazon US | Kobo

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#BookLove: Victoria Goldman @VictoriaGoldma2

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It is my absolute pleasure to be welcoming Victoria Goldman to the blog today to help me spread a little more #booklove. Victoria blogs over at Off The Shelf Books but before we find out about here favourite books, lets take a moment to learn more about Victoria.

vgAbout Victoria

I am a freelance health journalist/editor with over 20 years’ experience of writing for, and editing, magazines and websites. I am one of BUPA’s freelance health editors. In my spare time, I love reading fiction (especially crime). I launched my book blog to share my recommendations. I am a member of Lovereading’s Reviewer Panel. When I’m not working or reading, you will find me on Twitter. My own book, Allergies: A Parents’ Guide, was published by Need2Know Books in 2009. I am currently writing my own novel.

You can follow Victoria on Twitter and her blog, Off The Shelf Books

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#BookLove: Tracy Fenton @Tr4cyF3nt0n

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It is my great pleasure to be sharing the blog today with Tracy Fenton of Facebook’s TBC and Compulsive Readers book blog to spread a little more #Booklove. I’m sure that to most in the bookish world, Tracy needs no introduction. But it’s my blog and this is what I do so here is more about Tracy.

About Tracy


Tracy Fenton “in her own words” is a compulsive reader and in October 2014 she set up THE Book Club on Facebook, a secret group for readers, authors, publishers and book addicts.  With an international membership of over 7600 readers and 1200 authors THE Book Club (TBC) is now considered one of the most influential online book clubs in the publishing industry.

In December 2016 she started her own website CompulsiveReaders.com reviewing and recommending only the books she loves, interviews with best-selling authors and a new feature with authors reading out their 1 star reviews to camera.

You can find Tracy at her blog and on Twitter and Facebook

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#BookLove: Annie – The Misstery Book Blog @themisstery91

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Hi everyone. Today it’s my great pleasure to welcome Annie from The Misstery Book Blog to Jen Med’s to help me spread a little more book love. We’ll be taking a look at all of Annie’s choices in just a moment, as soon as we’ve learned a little more about the person behind the blog.

About Annie

AAnnie. 26. Barcelona. In a past life, I was probably a tortured police detective with a dark and traumatic past. Right now, however, I’m just a twenty-something bookworm who loves to listen to old songs and watch 90s movies. I enjoy reading mystery and crime novels, coming of age stories, and historical fiction set in the last century.

You can follow Annie at the sites below:

Website | Twitter

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#BookLove: Karen Cole @karlou

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Today it’s my great pleasure to welcome Karen Cole to the blog to help spread a little BookLove. Karen blogs at Hair Past a Freckle which is a wonderful blog with a wide range of books, including some of my all time favourites. Before we find out whcih books have made Karen’s all time greatest books list, let’s find our a bit more about Karen.

About Karen

profileMy name is Karen, I write about books on my blog, Hair Past A Freckle and I’m a mum to three daughters, aged 9, 15 and 18.  I’m a midday supervisor in a primary school and from September I will also be a teaching assistant there, mostly 1:1 with a child in Reception but I’ll also be the whole class TA for a few hours a week, and I’m going to be the cover TA for the other classes too so I’ll be kept busy! Before having my daughters I was a veterinary nurse in a mixed practice – my claim to fame is I once asked Michael Kitchen (of Foyle’s War) if he had gas! (Gas was his cat’s name, so it wasn’t an entirely random question but I could have phrased it better!) I originally started Hair Past A Freckle as a blog about anything and everything but I fell in love with book blogging. I love being able to writing about and recommending books, and reviewing them is my way of thanking authors for the hours of pleasure they give me. The vast majority of book bloggers are wonderful too and it’s a real pleasure to be a small part of such a friendly community.

You can follow Karen on Twitter, Facebook and her blog Hair Past A Freckle

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