Cover Reveal: Carol Wyer @carolewyer @Bookouture #TheChosenOnes

Cov Rev

Ooooh. It is my absolute pleasure to be taking part in tonight’s cover reveal for the next exciting instalment in Carol Wyer’s Detective Robyn Carter series, The Chosen Ones.

I am a huge fan of the series and count it as being one of my local wonders, the setting being a mere fourteen miles from where I live. Carol Wyer has created one of my favourite Detectives and I love to hear there is a new book on the way. For those of you who have missed the series so far (why? Just why?) the first books in the series are Little Girl Lost, Secrets of the Dead, The Missing Girls and The Silent Children and you can find my reviews by clicking on the titles. Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Carol Wyer @carolewyer @Bookouture #TheChosenOnes”

Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 18/03/18 – The Research Book Order Chronicles …


Hey kids. Have you missed me? Probably not but it’s been two weeks since my last update post so bear with me. This could be long.

What’s new I hear you ask …

So, since we last spoke you may have seen that I’ve been on a writing weekend – Crime and Publishment – made a committment to try to write a novel (god help us all) and been to a book launch. I’ve also been mega busy at work, read a few books, though not as many as I’d hoped, and generally been very stressed. Add in an impending trip to France for a two and half hour meeting this week and you have all the makings of a nervous breakdown … Good job I’m far too lazy to be stressed huh?

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Where do you go when you want to learn about (writing) crime? Why Crime and Publishment of course… @CrimeandPublish


It is a not very well known fact that when I was a wee gal growing up in the wilds of Shropshire (well suburbs) I had quite a thing for reading and, more importantly, writing stories. It didn’t matter what, from Beatrix Potter, to Enid Blyton, to Scottish Ghost stories, I lapped it up and loved to emulate and put my own spin on the kinds of tales I was reading. I was even known to dabble in the occasional bout of poetry but the least said about that the better. It wasn’t that it was bad, not for a young child anyway, it is more that I have since grown up to realise that I am neither romantic nor chronically depressed and so basically my poetry now would totally suck. I can do sarcastic though so maybe I could channel my inner Spike Milligan …  Continue reading “Where do you go when you want to learn about (writing) crime? Why Crime and Publishment of course… @CrimeandPublish”

Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 04/03/18

Bloody weather. As much fun as it was trying to make images from the sever weather warning maps, it has been less fun for my team of drivers up and down the country who have had to manage the disruption. A good few of them did get enforced ‘Snow days’ so I don’t imagine they’ll be complaining too much, but the clean up next week is going to be a right pig. Thankfully we had no casualties as a result of the weather so that is a very good result in my book. It’s only stationery after all … Continue reading “Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 04/03/18”

Rewind, recap: Orenda Roadshow Warwick 28/02/18 @OrendaBooks

In a week which has been dominated by the Beast from the East, travel plans cancelled, people all across the country battening down the hatches and heading into various states of hibernation, it was with bated breath than Mandie and I sat and watched the weather on Wednesday morning, wondering if it was going to change significantly or if we could brave the elements and head to Warwick for our long planned visit to the Orenda Roadshow.

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