About Me

I’m Jen, a blogger who loves all things literature. Reading is one of my favourite ways to spend my spare time when I’m not working. My life is ruled by my cats, Nutty and Nuttier .

I studied literature (loosest sense of the word) at University, studying in both UK and USA, so I have a love for all things South Western (and a particular love for Tex Mex food). I love to travel and like to make use of otherwise dull driving time by listening to music … and more books.

I love animals, love travel and love to ramble (verbal and physical) – I make no apologies for the length of my reviews. Short, long and anything in between, they reflect how I feel about the book, nothing more nothing less. I also love music and the theatre, having once been a frustrated and somewhat lacking in talent thesp.

I have a real love for Crime Fiction and thrillers as I love a little (fictional) human suffering from time to time, but don’t mind the occasional bit of Chick Lit, Young Adult or romance – I’m not completely heartless and consider myself an equal opportunity reader.

About My Guest Reviewer

Since starting the blog I have managed to secure a wonderful guest reviewer. By secure I mean that she is related to me so we have to tolerate each other. Thankfully we share a love of theatre and reading so that’s less painful than it could be. My guest reviewer is my sister Mandie a.k.a @mgriffths163

Mandie has spent many years working in various procurement teams for the Civil Service. Reading is a great escape for her from the everyday and something to do when she becomes a Motocross widow on a weekend when her husband and son are off touring the country for bike races. She shares my passion for Mexican food and chillies and also loves travel too. No. We aren’t twins. I’m the baby, she’s bigger sis.

My starting reading again inspired Mandie to do the same so both of us can generally be found with our faces in our kindles. In terms of reading, Mandie will be plugging a few of the genre gaps I leave and is happy to tackle most books with the exception of horror (always more my forte) and Sci Fi/Fantasy.

We can be contacted on JenMedBookReviews@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jen. I posted today about blog ‘housekeeping’ and mentioned my dread of the new WordPress editor. The comments from other bloggers have only served to increase my trepidation. As a blogger who uses the new platform, could you shed any light on the issue?

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    1. Hiya. What concerns do you have? I was worried at first but all in all, apart from not being able to underline, I’ve found that it is quite easy to use. There are a few steps which add clicks such as needing to press shift and enter to start a new paragraph in the same block, and doing hyperlinks to book purchase sites is messier, but it does all the other things you’d expect. You can resize pictures (although do that at the end as I’ve found recently adding more pictures later in the post just sets the other back to their original size) if you do it at the end, the new size so sticks. There are a few other quirks but it’s just as quick to use as classic when you get used to it. You can actually set a block to classic style too if you want to.

      It’s not as easy to find all the little things that used to be in the formatting bar at the top, but they are still there. Maybe I should do a quick post?

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