Happy Blogiversary to Me. Jen Med’s turns 7

How in the name of all that is bookish has this happened? I have to be completely honest, I thought I’d give this up as a bad idea about 6.5 years ago, so how the heck I’ve managed to drag the blog to the lofty old age of seven, I do not know. And yet here we are.

An impromptu trip to Crimefest in Bristol in 2016, a Twitter follow from Captain Hastings, a touch of guesswork (a lot of guesswork), plenty of fannying about and a healthy dose of experimentation, and I managed to make the blog live. I published a few reviews (very poor in the beginning) that I’d written and loaded to Goodreads and the just took it from there. Tried my best. Often failed. A few blog meltdowns, a lot of guff and nonsense in my weekly posts, many, many, blog banners created and pictures taken, and the growing knowledge that if I am ever murdered, the police are going to have a hell of a job sorting out the photos and info on my personal devices to find a viable suspect (even I don’t remember who half the photos are of anymore) and we have now made it to 2023.

In spite of my regular incompetence and repetition (I have lost count of how many times I’ve been delighted or intrigued – too many – send a thesaurus) publishers and authors still trust me with their books. Amazing, I know, but thank you anyway. Much appreciated.

My blogiversary party penguin. Don’t ask. It’s tradition now.

I do love a few stats, I’m sad that way. If you too are sad, here they are (not all my work – heavy contributions from Mandie too).

First post: 23/05/2016 – Play Dead by Angela Marsons
Most recent post: 23/05/2023 – The One That Got Away – J.D. Kirk
Most popular date: July 1st 2019? Who knows?
Most popular post: Grace S3 preview
Most popular review post: The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh
Total Views: 395,415 (to 21/05)
Total Followers: 12.6K+
Total posts: 2850 (2851 with this one)
Total words: 2.85M+
Most frequent commenter: Fictionophile (thank you x)

And in spirit of spooky coincidences, my ‘first’ posted author, Angela Marsons, is taking part in a Facebook Live session on the eve of her latest publication day alongside my ‘latest’ posted reviewed author, J.D. Kirk, tomorrow night (24/05). You could not make this up and I certainly did not plan it! Thanks Bookouture for knowing my blogging schedule better than me, hahah. Check out the event page at the link above – starts 7pm.

Well, that’s enough from me. I’m going to lie in a darkened room to get over my exhaustion (at least when i’ve finished work). Have a fabulously bookish day all.

Jen and Mandie x

26 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me. Jen Med’s turns 7

  1. Happy blog birthday! You made me realise (again, as happens every year) that I forgot mine. Also again. My blog is a year younger. That’s crazy scary. Anyhoot, here’s to many more years to come. Might need to go find me a Mandie too though to help out 😂

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    1. Thank you.

      Having a Mandie does help to boost the review stats but also very stressful as her reviews can be last minute and I do all the blogmin! Means double the amount of post and instaspam prep, even worse now we have to manually schedule for Twitter too!

      Why do we do this?

      Also belated happy blogiversary lol

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