Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 07/05/23

This will be a very short post. I have done next to nothing and achieved less. So tired this week, don’t know why, but it meant reading has been a challenge and staying conscious almost impossible after work. Sums things up when I say that the most exciting thing to happen this week was finding a bakery that did the most delicious cinnamon rolls. Yep. Not even kidding.

A lovely sugary cinnamon pastry. Didn’t last long …

Not a lot to report on the book front either to be honest. One Netgalley title and that is it. No, seriously. One book. Didn’t buy any and didn’t get sent any. More than happy with The Clearing by Simon Toyne though (20 July). Thank you HarperCollins for that one.

The Clearing – A black and white picture of a body of water, showing the reflection of a man and trees around its edge

Books I have read

After That Night by Karin Slaughter (22 June)

After that night, nothing was ever the same again …

Fifteen years ago, Sara Linton’s life changed forever when a celebratory night out ended in a violent attack that tore her world apart. Since then, Sara has remade her life. A successful doctor, engaged to a man she loves, she has finally managed to leave the past behind her.

Until one evening, on call in the ER, everything changes. Sara battles to save a broken young woman who’s been brutally attacked. But as the investigation progresses, led by GBI Special Agent Will Trent, it becomes clear that Dani Cooper’s assault is uncannily linked to Sara’s.

And it seems the past isn’t going to stay buried forever …

The Generation Killer by Adam Simcox

The second thrilling instalment of Adam Simcox’s ‘wildly entertaining’ (Adam Hamdy) THE DYING SQUAD series.

There’s a new serial killer on the streets of Manchester – and only a dead cop can stop them.

Detective Joe Lazarus works for the Dying Squad, solving crimes the living police can’t. When the Generation Killer starts wiping out Manchester’s innocents, Joe and his new partner Bits have mere hours to catch the murderer. A young woman’s life depends on it.

Joe’s former partner Daisy-May has her own problems. Children are going missing in the afterlife, and she’s the only one who seems to care. Her investigation uncovers a conspiracy so vast, it threatens both the living and the dead.

Her predecessor the Duchess can’t help this time; she’s tracked her treacherous sister, Hanna, to Tokyo, where she’s been recruiting the dead. The Duchess must enlist the help of a local detective if she’s to have any choice of stopping her.

Time is running out for the Dying Squad. And if they can’t crack their cases, it’s the living that will pay…

One by Eve Smith (20 July)

A powerful, prescient speculative thriller: a woman’s job of enforcing climate-emergency Britain’s one-child policy is compromised when she discovers a personal link to an illegal sibling on the ministry hit-list, leading to a shocking discovery that changes everything…
One law. One child. Seven million crimes…
A cataclysmic climate emergency has spawned a one-child policy in the UK, ruthlessly enforced by a totalitarian regime. Compulsory abortion of ‘excess’ pregnancies and mandatory contraceptive implants are now the norm, and families must adhere to strict consumption quotas as the world descends into chaos.
Kai is a 25-year-old ‘baby reaper’, working for the Ministry of Population and Family Planning. If any of her assigned families attempt to exceed their child quota, she ensures they pay the price.
Until, one morning, she discovers that an illegal sibling on her Ministry hit-list is hers. And to protect her parents from severe penalties, she must secretly investigate before anyone else finds out.
Kai’s hunt for her forbidden sister unearths much more than a dark family secret. As she stumbles across a series of heinous crimes perpetrated by the people she trusted most, she makes a catastrophic discovery that could bring down the government … and tear her family apart.

And there we have it. A very slow week for me considering I had so much time off. Busy enough on the blog. Recap below:

#Review – Look Both Ways – Linwood Barclay
#Review – Skin Deep – Antonia Lassa, Jacky Collins
#Review – Expectant – Vanda Symon
#Review – Dust Child – Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai
#Review – The English Führer – Rory Clements

The week ahead is full of reviews but just the one tour – Thirty Days of Darkness by Jenny Lund Madsen (25 May) on Wednesday.

Thirty Days of Darkness:
image shows a bird flying behind the roof of a house with a closed window in front.

Not going to try to pretend this next week will be any better than last but you never know. Stranger things have happened. And it is all me, not the books. Personally, I blame work. And the lottery for choosing the wrong numbers so I can’t retire yet.

Hope you all have a fab week. Happy reading all.

Jen x

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