Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 12/03/23

And just like that, another week has gone and passed us by. Had big plans for my week off. Snow thought otherwise. Still, made it to London on Monday, went to the Executions exhibit at the Museum of London Docklands and bought lots of books and a little bit of chocolate. Highlight was possibly the trip to Ole & Steen for a cinnamon social but as I’m on a diet we’ll gloss over that bit… 😬 The rest of the week was largely uneventful but after seventh months of indecision, I finally bought a Ninja so now I need to start to learn to cook. Allegedly will save myself money on energy. We’ll see.

Various wildlife from a walk around St James Park and a robin from my canal walk over the weekend.

It’s been a great week for books. Bought some, was sent some others. Very happy bunny I am about that too. Also had a pretty good reading week because I had nothing else to do. Bonus.

So … book purchases? Well there were four book books and 1 ebook this week. Book books were Hungry Ghosts by Kevin Jared Hosein: Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent: Weyward by Emilia Hart and Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton. My only ebook purchase was The Generation Killer by Adam Simcox. I also preordered a hard copy of Killing Jericho by William Hussey (27 April). Such a great book.

L-R: Hungry Ghosts; Strange Sally Diamond; Weyward; Birnam Wood
L-R: The Generation Killer; Killing Jericho

Three lovely bits of book post this week – I’m a very lucky blogger. All Of Us Are Broken by Fiona Cummins (20 July) – love Saul Anguish so very excited for this. The Last Dance (25 May) is the first in a brand new series from Mark Billingham and coming very soon on my TBR. Both book courtesy of Laura Sherlock – thanks Laura. Tell Me Lies by Teresa Driscoll (18th April) was sent by FMcM Associates in preparation for the blog tour. My first by this author but the premise sounds intriguing.

L-R: All Of Us Are Broken; The Last Dance; Tell Me Lies

No new Netgalley, but I think I have enough books to be working on for now.

Books I have read

My Darkest Prayer by S.A. Cosby

“I handle the bodies.”

Whether it’s working at his cousin’s funeral home or tossing around the local riffraff at his favorite bar, Nathan Waymaker is a man who knows how to handle the bodies. A former marine and sheriff’s deputy, Nathan has built a reputation in his small Southern town as a man who can help when all other avenues have been exhausted. When a beloved local minister is found dead, his parishioners ask Nathan to make sure the death isn’t swept under the rug.

What starts out as an easy payday soon descends into a maze of mayhem filled with wannabe gangsters, vicious crime lords, porn stars, crooked police officers, and a particularly treacherous preacher and his mysterious wife. Nathan must use all his varied skills and some of his wit to navigate the murky waters of small town corruption even as dark secrets of his own threaten to come to the surface.

Killing Jericho by William Hussey (27 April)

Scott Jericho thought he’d worked his last case. Fresh out of jail, the disgraced former detective is forced to seek refuge with the fairground family he once rejected.

Then a series of bizarre murders comes to light – deaths that echo a century-old fairground legend. The police can’t connect the victims. But Jericho knows how the legend goes; that more murders are certain to follow.

As Jericho unpicks the deadly mystery, a terrifying question haunts him. As a direct descendant of one of the victims in the legend, is Jericho next on the killer’s list?

From the award-winning author of The Outrage comes Killing Jericho, the gothic, helter-skelter thriller debut that introduces crime fiction’s first ever Traveller detective, Scott Jericho.

The Guilty Couple by C.L Taylor

What would you do if your husband framed you for murder?

Five years ago, Olivia Sutherland was convicted of plotting to murder her husband.

Now she’s finally free, Olivia has three goals. Repair her relationship with her daughter. Clear her name. And bring down her husband – the man who framed her.

Just how far is she willing to go to get what she wants? And how far will her husband go to stop her?

Because his lies run deeper than Olivia could ever have imagined – and this time it’s not her freedom that’s in jeopardy, but her life…

The Fall by Louise Jensen (27 April)

She promised not to tell. They made sure she couldn’t…

At her surprise 40th birthday party, Kate Granger feels like the luckiest woman in the world but just hours later her fifteen-year-old daughter, Caily, is found unconscious underneath a bridge when she should have been at school.

Now, Caily lies comatose in her hospital bed, and the police don’t believe it was an accident. As the investigation progresses, it soon becomes clear that not everyone in the family was where they claimed to be at the time of her fall.

Caily should be safe in hospital but not everyone wants her to wake up. Someone is desperate to protect the truth and it isn’t just Caily’s life that is in danger.

Because some secrets are worth killing for…

A Summer Surprise at the Little Blue Boathouse by Christie Barlow (30 April)

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what

When Bea Fernsby discovers her fiancé’s eyes have been wandering, she calls off the wedding and hits the road. The village of Heartcross in the Scottish Highlands is about as far away from home as she can get, and when she stumbles into the ideal summer job at The Little Blue Boathouse and meets gorgeous vacationer Nolan Hemingway, things finally start looking up.

Now, as an old mystery surfaces and Bea and Nolan band together to find out what happened to his late grandfather’s one true love, fate throws Bea some unexpected curveballs…and promising opportunities.

Bea’s stay is only supposed to last a couple of weeks, but as the old saying goes: ‘Once you arrive in Heartcross, you never want to leave…’

Tell Me Lies by Teresa Driscoll (18 April)

From bestselling author Teresa Driscoll comes a chilling thriller of past secrets and present terror. Deep in a rural hideaway, it’s only the owls watching them…right?

After a betrayal that sent their marriage into freefall, Hannah and Sam are desperate for a fresh start with their eight-year-old daughter Lily—and where better than picture-perfect Owl Cottage in beautiful Cornwall. But something about the holiday home stirs dark memories for Hannah…

When she finds dead creatures on the doorstep and hears mysterious knocks at the door, Hannah can’t help wondering whether someone is messing with her—or whether the past she’s been running from has finally claimed her sanity.

As the disturbing events at Owl Cottage seep out into the local community and the police become involved, Hannah turns to Sam for help, but when he dismisses her worries, she wonders if she was wrong to ever trust him. Are the memories making her paranoid, or is this something more sinister than she dares imagine?

Not too shabby and not too likely to be repeated. This is what happens when weather derails your plans lol. I have been trying to keep up with reviews too and wrote six over my break. Lots to catch up on again now mind … Busy enough week on the blog with a recap below:

#Review – The Institution – Helen Fields
#Review – The Dying Squad – Adam Simcox
#Review – Make Me Clean – Tina Baker
#Review – The Siege – John Sutherland
#Review – Death at Paradise Palms – Steph Broadribb

Just one blog tour this week but its for a stunning book – The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Wednesday.

The Space Between Us

So that’s my week. Back to work now (boo hiss) so normal hardly reading a thing service will be resumed Monday to Thursday with my usual mad spurt over a weekend.

Hope you have a fab week full of books and fun (and a touch less snow …)

Jen x

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