Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 19/02/23

Well, after the excitement of last week, this past week has been particularly mundane. Work and more work (five days in this week – what’s that all about?) meant that aside from a few lunchtime walks, not much was achieved on a personal level. I’ve done most of a beta read for an author which was good fun. Lips are sealed right now, but this has a really great premise and had the urgency and intrigue that I love in a book. Hopefully out in the summer, I can’t wait to finish reading it now. I did manage a walk before my Sunday morning usual of coffee and read/review so my post has a little bit of wildlife, and some early signs of spring about it. Also hit the magic stone and a half marker in my weight loss journey, so I’ll take that. Another 32 stone or so and I’ll be skinny(er than I am now …)

Wildfowl and a few spring flowers along the canal on Sunday morning.

Now after last weeks marathon book adding session, I’ve been a lot less gung-ho this week. My preorder of The Dead of Winter by Stuart MacBride arrived, as did my Berts Books subscription – The Forcing by Paul Hardisty and Expectant by Vanda Symon, both published by Orenda Books. I also ordered a copy of The Bay by Allie Reynolds. I really enjoyed Shiver so can’t wait to see what is in store with her second book. My comp win of The McMasters Guide to Homicide – Vol 1: Murder Your Employer by Rupert Holmes (out 21st February) arrived this week from the lovely folk at Headline, so I will be taking that to work this week and strategically placing it on my desk so the bosses can see it. Have to keep them on their toes …

Top Row L-R: The Dead Of Winter; McMasters Guide To Homicide; Berts Books Bundle
Bottom L-R: The Forcing; Expectant; The Bay

Two more Netgalley approvals this week: The Last Passenger by Will Dean (11 May) and Pure Evil by Lynda La Plante (30 March). I love the Jack Warr series so have been loving catching back up with him this week. Only one pre-order this week which was All Of Us Are Broken by Fiona Cummins (20 July). No cover for this one yet but cannot wait to read it.

L-R: The Last Passenger; Pure Evil

Books I have read

The Last King of California by Jordan Harper

Sometimes to find yourself, you have to go back to where you came from.
You just might not like what you find.
After failing in his new life, Luke decides to go home, back to the one place where he’d once felt he belonged. But that was a long time ago and now he has to face the life that he chose to run away from: The Combine. The gang that his uncle now leads, but which his father still runs from prison. Brutal, unforgiving . . . family.
Reunited with his childhood friend Callie and tagging along on jobs with her and her boyfriend Pretty Baby, Luke soon discovers that he might have a place back home after all. When another gang try to encroach on their turf, The Combine and Luke must go to war to save all that they know. 
But in trying to be someone you’re not, can you ever find out who you really are? 
Family is everything and blood is love.

Pure Evil by Lynda La Plante

It was supposed to be a simple case: a young man arrested for armed assault.

But it was just the beginning.

As Rodney Middleton awaits trial, Detective Jack Warr is warned by his mentor DCI Ridley that they have only scratched the surface of the man’s crimes.

Then DCI Ridley is suddenly removed from his post. No one is to contact him – and no one will say why.

As Warr digs into Middleton’s past, Ridley calls pleading for help, now accused of a murder he insists he didn’t commit.

To catch a monster and exonerate his friend, Warr must weed out the lies. But what awaits Warr if he uncovers the truth?

A much quieter week this week, but I have done the beta read, and am part way through another book, so I’m quite happy with how the week has gone. Busy enough week post wise – recap below:

#Review – The Dying Season – Rachel Amphlett
#Review – The Creek – LJ Ross
#Review – The Dead of Winter – Stuart MacBride
#Review – Expectant – Vanda Symon
#PublicationDayPost – The Chase – Ava Glass
#Review – Shiver – Allie Reynolds

Just the one blog tour this week as Mandie takes a look at Paris Requiem by Chris Lloyd. Aside from that, there will be a mix of reviews and who know what else might crop up in the week. I’ve learned never to expect what I set out with as planned on a Monday to be what I end up with by Friday!

Paris Requiem

And that is the week done. Have a day off this week, the start of a few as I try desperately to use my leave before the end of work’s leave year (March). Sadly, a few changes at work mean that I won’t have so much spare time moving forward, so I intend to make the very most of what time I have left. Which I realise, reading back, sounds far more dramatic than it actually is …

Hope you all have a lovely week, full of books and stuff.

Jen x