A Year in Books – Mandie’s Final Quarter

Now Mandie had a bit of time off in December so hit a real run of reading, especially catching up on Rachel Amphlett’s Case Files series. It makes for quite an impressive end to the year. How many of these have you read?


You Don’t Know What War Is by Yeva Skalietska
The Bleeding by Johana Gustawsson
The Gathering Dark by James Oswald
Death in the Sunshine by Steph Broadribb
Where Demons Hide by Douglas Skelton
Next in Line by Jeffrey Archer
Never Seen Again by Paul Finch


Freeze Frame by Peter May
The Girl in the River by Rita Herron
Death on the Rhine by Heather Peck
Cold as the Grave by James Oswald
Red as Blood by Lilja Sigurdardóttir
Blowback by Peter May


The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen
Nowhere to Run by Rachel Amphlett
Blood on Snow by Rachel Amphlett
The Reckoning by Rachel Amphlett
A Winter Grave by Peter May
A Dirty Business by Rachel Amphlett
The Man Cave by Rachel Amphlett
The Beachcomber by Rachel Amphlett
Something in the Air by Rachel Amphlett
A Pain in the Neck by Rachel Amphlett
Special Delivery by Rachel Amphlett
The Last Super by Rachel Amphlett
The Last Days of Tony MacBride by Rachel Amphlett
A Grave Mistake by Rachel Amphlett
The Moment Before by Rachel Amphlett
All Night Long by Rachel Amphlett

Broken Girls by Joy Kluver
My Fathers’ House by Joseph O’Connor
The Girl in the Photo by Catherine Hokin

So there we have it. Another 32 books read in the final quarter, and 93 books read year to date. Not Mandie’s highest total but it’s been a very odd year for both of us and for many different reasons. We’re both happy just to have read anything at all.

So what did you think? Spot any faves in the posts, any books you think you’d like to read? I certainly have a few from Mandie’s list I want to take a look at this year, as she does from mine. Who knows. You might be seeing some of these books again at the next annual round up,

Happy reading all

Jen & Mandie

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