The #Bookvent Calendar 2022 – Day Nineteen


#Bookvent – Celebrating my top reads of 2022

My day nineteen #bookvent selection is by an author who regularly puts a smile on my face. With his wonderfully understated sense of humour it’s no surprise and this book, the second in the series, is one which had me laughing and engaged from the very beginning. I’m a statistician at heart, but even I didn’t know that mathematics could be this much fun. With a plot line that only really reinforces my loathing of strawberries, my nineteenth pick is …

Bookvent Day Nineteen
The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen

The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen

trns by David Hackston

Insurance mathematician Henri has his life under control, when a man from the past appears and a shady trio take over the adventure park’s equipment supply company … Things are messier than ever in the absurdly funny, heart-stoppingly tense second instalment in Antti Tuomainen’s bestselling series…

Insurance mathematician Henri Koskinen has finally restored order both to his life and to YouMeFun, the adventure park he now owns, when a man from the past appears – and turns everything upside down again. More problems arise when the park’s equipment supplier is taken over by a shady trio, with confusing demands. Why won’t Toy of Finland Ltd sell the new Moose Chute to Henri when he needs it as the park’s main attraction?

Meanwhile, Henri’s relationship with artist Laura has reached breaking point, and, in order to survive this new chaotic world, he must push every calculation to its limits, before it’s too late…

Absurdly funny, heart-stoppingly poignant and full of nail-biting suspense, The Moose Paradox is the second instalment in the critically acclaimed, pitch-perfect Rabbit Factor Trilogy and things are messier than ever…


I love Henri Koskinen. He is the ultimate in nerdishness, but endearing with it. By bringing readers a recovering insurance actuary who now runs a children’s adventure park, I think Antti Tuomainen has found one of the most unique and unexpectedly brilliant characters in literature right now. He is risk averse, calculates the odds on practically every aspect of his life, and rarely makes a rash decision, and yet he is so likeable that ever since The Rabbit Factor, I’ve had somewhat of a soft spot for him. How could I not. In The Moose Paradox, Henri is trying to secure one of the most sought after rides to ensure the future of the YouMeFun park, but it seems that the suppliers have other ideas. The, how shall I put it, difference of opinions leads to some of the books funniest scenes. Gangland behaviour and intimidation that often plays out more like a scene from a Keystone cops or Police Academy movie. You know the ones where the good guy emerges practically unscathed but the bad guys always come a cropper. It’s rarely intentional on Henri’s part, but it always hits the mark. And there is an added complication in his life too, not just a struggle to get the all important Moose Chute, one that he completely failed to factor into his calculations. I love the way in which the author has developed the characters in this series, each one so unique and quirky and yet absolutely what the story needs. they add their own kind of jeopardy to Henri’s life as you never know what any of them is likely to say or do next.

This is crime caper at its best, set in the mot unlikely of locations, but which the author, and translator David Hackston, bring to life in glorious technicolour. Pacing is perfect, the humour sublime and seeing Henri’s life taking a positive if unexpected turn brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. I cannot wait for the next book. The title alone is enough for a few raised eyebrows in English speaking countries … 😳

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Happy #bookvent reading all