Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 04/12/22

And here we are in December. Not sure how we got this far so quickly, or how I feel about it, but it’s definitely been a year which has flown by in a flash. Can’t say I did anything exciting this week again. Went to work. Did a supplier visit. Read a book. Might have bought a book (genuinely can’t recall and I’ll work that out as I type the rest of this post … And that’s about it really. Not so bad, not so good. Just a regular week. Can’t all be action filled, right?

Must be nearly Christmas. Hans Gruber and John McClane have come out to play.

So … I had no new Netgalley books this week. Just as well as I already have loads to get through. I bought one new book from Amazon – The Boy Who Harnessed Wind by William Kamkwamba. One bit of book post – My Father’s House by Joseph O’Connor, courtesy of Harvill Secker. And that’s it. See – even my book buying has tailed off this week. I must have been really busy.

L-R: My Father’s House by Joseph O’Connor; The Boy Who Harnessed Wind by William Kamkwama & Bryan Mealer

I had a pretty good November in terms of reading – fourteen books, one of which was a short story/novella. They were:

Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby
The Christmas Murder Game by Alexandra Benedict
Homecoming by Isabel Ashdown
When The Lights Go Out by Chris Curran
A Deadly Covenant by Michael Stanley
Death at Beresford Hall by Emma Davies
Behind Closed Doors by Carol Wyer
Dashboard Elvis is Dead by David F. Ross
The Hidden Secrets of Bumblebee Cottage by Christie Barlow
A Heart Full of Headstones by Ian Rankin
All Night Long by Rachel Amphlett
The Vanishing of Margaret Small by Neil Alexander
Crow 27 by Matt Johnson
So Pretty by Ronnie Turner

Books I have read

Private Beijing by James Patterson & Adam Hamdy

Private Beijing is ripped apart after an attack leaves three agents dead and the head of the team missing.

With the Beijing branch in turmoil, Private’s owner and global head, Jack Morgan, immediately gets on a plane from LA.

Soon after Jack lands in China, another Private office is attacked. It’s clear that the entire organisation is under threat.

As Jack launches a global investigation from unfamiliar territory, he will need the loyalty of his team now more than ever.

Dirt by Sarah Sultoon

A compulsive, searing political thriller set on a kibbutz in Northern Israel, where the discovery of the body of an Israeli-Arab worker sets off a devastating chain of events…

Belonging could cost everything…

1996. Northern Israel. Lola leaves an unhappy home life in England for the fabled utopian life of a kibbutz, but this heavily guarded farming community on the Arab-Israeli border isn’t the idyll it seems, and tensions are festering.

Hundreds of miles away, in the Jerusalem offices of the International Tribune newspaper, all eyes are on Israel’s response to a spate of rocket attacks from Lebanon, until cub reporter Jonny Murphy gets a tip from a mysterious source that sends him straight into the danger zone.

When the body of an Arab worker is discovered in the dirt of the kibbutz chicken house, it triggers a series of events that puts Lola and the whole community in jeopardy, and Jonny begins to uncover a series of secrets that put everything at risk, as he begins to realise just how far some people will go to belong…

Not my best week but for one reason or another I have been super tired all week, so I’m happy with two, especially as I have a third underway. a full enough week on the blog with the start of my #Bookvent feature. Recap below:

#Review – The Vanishing of Margaret Small – Neil Alexander
#Review – Dream Town – David Baldacci
#Review – Never Seen Again – Paul Finch
#Review – When The Lights Go Out – Chris Curran
#Bookvent – Day One – Heartcross Castle – Christie Barlow
#Review – Homecoming – Isabel Ashdown
#Bookvent – Day Two – The Twyford Code – Janice Hallett
#Bookvent – Day Three – Off Target – Eve Smith
#Bookvent – Day Four – Unhinged – Thomas Enger & Jørn Lier Horst

Pretty much a whole week of blog tours this week starting tomorrow – Behind Closed Doors by Carol Wyer; A Deadly Covenant by Michael Stanley; Case Files Short Story Anthology by Rachel Amphlett and Death at Beresford Hall by Emma Davies. And we have days five to eleven of Bookvent. Busy, busy, busy.

L-R: Behind Closed Doors; A Deadly Covenant; Case Files Short Stories; Death at Beresford Hall

And so there we have it. My week in books. Not too shabby really so I can’t complain.