Freeze Frame by Peter May

Today Mandie takes a look at the next book in the Enzo series by Peter May, Freeze Frame. Here’s what it’s all about:

Source: Owned Copy
Release Date: 11 July 2013
Publisher: riverrun

About the Book

In the gripping fourth book in the Enzo files, a promise made to a dead man proves Enzo’s toughest challenge yet…


A Frozen Island.

This tiny isle off the coast of Brittany is the scene of a murder left shrouded in mystery and grief.

A Frozen Crime.

Adam Killian’s study has been left intact since his death – the perfect state for Enzo Macleod’s forensic investigation.

A Frozen Heart.

Killian’s daughter-in-law is still hoping; the first suspect is still hiding; and the treacherous island itself still has a revelation for Enzo.

Mandie’s Thoughts

Freeze Frame is the fourth book in the Enzo MacLeod series and this time he is investigating a murder that took place 20 years ago on a small island off the coast of Brittany. For most of the islanders there is only one person who committed the crime but due to issues with the investigation he was found not guilty. They resent Enzo reopening an investigation, but he is curious, the victim left a cryptic message for his son, one that Enzo now wants to solve.

This time Enzo is working alone and staying with the daughter in law of the victim. She also wants to know the truth as unfortunately her husband never came home to solve the riddle and she has no idea what the clues may be or what they will mean. The local police are not too keen to assist as it was partially down to their mismanagement of the crime scene that the main suspect walked away completely free.

Enzo struggles with this case as nothing seems to make sense to him, he has the clues but has no idea what they mean. What he does find out however is that some of the witnesses in the old case lied to protect themselves but even now they don’t want the truth to come out. Even the prime suspect wants him to let things be as they are and even when Enzo is threatened it doesn’t stop him. He is also left reeling after a visit from his on/off partner Charlotte, and he is not sure how to handle things with her.I am loving this series and even Enzo with his sometimes-surly ways is growing on me. With the case taking him to several destinations it has a different feel than the previous cases, maybe in part due to the fact he doesn’t have a lot of people to bounce ideas off so that we are finally getting to see how his mind works and just how he copes with the things he finds.

The locations that the cases send Enzo to are vividly brought to life by the author and are as much an appeal to the story as the crimes being investigated. I did struggle at first to work out exactly how the first few chapters of the book fitted in with the story and I will admit that my initial theory was actually completely wrong. As secrets are revealed the truth is something you will not expect. One thing is certain I am looking forward to joining Enzo MacLeod on his next cold case

About the Author

Peter May won the Scottish Young Journalist of the Year Award at 21 and had his first novel published at 26. He went on to become a successful Scottish television dramatist. He lives in France with his wife Janice Halley.

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