Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 23/10/22

And there we have it. Another week gone, another closer to Christmas (two months tomorrow don’t you know), and I am on my last day off off my long weekend. I’d love to say i did something exciting – I didn’t – but I did buy some Haribo, some new trainers and also some Lindt chocs, as well as a new book, plus I managed a nice walk along the canal one the one good weather day of the weekend. Go me.

Swans and ducks along the canal. If only every day was like this one.

I’ve had a pretty good week bookwise. Not reading wise – still struggling with that even though what i’ve been reading has been great. but book-book wise at least. One piece of book post – an proof of So Pretty by Ronnie Turner (19 Jan 23) courtesy of Orenda Books. I also received my pre-order of The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen (27 Oct) from Bert’s Books and purchased The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths.

L-R: So Pretty – Ronnie Turner; The Moose Paradox – Antti Tuomainen; The Crossing Places – Elly Griffiths

I downloaded three new books from Netgalley – The Dead of Winter by Stuart MacBride (16 Feb 23); Death at Beresford Hall by Emma Davies (07 Dec 22) and Devil’s Way by Robert Bryndza (12 Jan 23). In my defence, one of those is for a tour and I have them on pre-order too, so there …

L-R: The Dead Of Winter – Stuart MacBride; Death at Beresford Hall – Emma Davies; Devil’s Way – Robert Bryndza

I purchased three new books as well. Any Day Now by Gordon J. Brown; Written In The Stars Charity Anthology – various authors and Kerry Tucker Learns to Live by Louise Voss. All at a ridiculously low price, IMO, if you want to check them out.

L-R: Any Day Now – Gordon J Brown; Written In The Stars Anthology; Kerry Tucker Learns to Live – Louise Voss

Everything seems to be coming in threes this week. And all of this is leading to the books I managed to read. Anyone want to guess how many that might be …

Books I have read

Suicide Thursday by Will Carver (24 Nov 22)

A disenchanted man struggles to get beyond the first chapter of the books he’s writing, and to separate fact from fiction in his own life. His friend’s suicide changes everything … The mind-blowing, heart-rending new thriller from cult bestselling author Will Carver.


Eli Hagin can’t finish anything. 

He hates his job, but can’t seem to quit. He doesn’t want to be with his girlfriend, but doesn’t know how end things with her, either. Eli wants to write a novel, but he’s never taken a story beyond the first chapter. 

Eli also has trouble separating reality from fiction. 

When his best friend kills himself, Eli is motivated, for the first time in his life, to finally end something himself, just as Mike did…

Except sessions with his therapist suggest that Eli’s most recent ‘first chapters’ are not as fictitious as he had intended … and a series of text messages that Mike received before his death point to something much, much darker…

The Murder Book by Mark Billingham


A gripping, grisly read. Mark Billingham is a terrific crime writer’ —– ANTHONY HOROWITZ

Tom Thorne has it all.

In Nicola Tanner and Phil Hendricks, Thorne has good friends by his side. He finally has a love life worth a damn and is happy in the job to which he has devoted his life…

He has everything to lose.

Hunting the woman responsible for a series of grisly murders, Thorne has no way of knowing that he will be plunged into a nightmare from which he may never wake.

And he’ll do anything to keep it.

Finally, Thorne’s past has caught up with him and a ruinous secret is about to be revealed. If he wants to save himself and his friends, he must do the unthinkable.

The Buried by Sharon Bolton


Florence Lovelady, the most senior serving policewoman in Britain, visits convicted serial killer Larry Glassbrook in prison. Larry is coming to the end of his life but has one last task for Florence: to learn the identity of the remains discovered at children’s home Black Moss Manor. The town Florence escaped narrowly with her life still holds many secrets. Will she finally learn the truth? Or will time run out for her first?

The latest Florence Lovelady thriller, set shortly after the bestselling first novel The Craftsman in the chilling, new series from Richard and Judy bestseller Sharon Bolton

Three by three by three by three. There’s a rhythm and logic in there somewhere. Maybe … Busy enough week on the blog – more than three reviews although only three of them were mine, if that counts for anything … Recap below:

#Review – My Evil Mother – Margaret Atwood
#Review – Mania – LJ Ross
#Review – Blacklight Blue – Peter May
#Review – The Moose Paradox – Antti Tuomainen
#Review – Black Hearts – Doug Johnstone

You’ll be surprised to hear that we are NOT doing three blog tours this coming week. Just the two in fact – hope that’s not a sign of my reading prowess to come … On Thursday I’ll be sharing my thoughts on The Dilemma by Julia Roberts and on Sunday, Deceit by Jónína Leósdóttir.

And I think that is me done for the week. I’d love to try and be inspirational, but I don’t have the headspace right now. I’m about eight reviews behind, fighting to keep just above water and super busy at work. Oh and I have to squeeze in jury service in a couple of weeks as well. That will be nice …

Have a lovely reading week all. Hope it’s nice and stress free.

Jen x