The Killing Choice by Will Shindler

Today it’s back to Mandie for a review of The Killing Choice, book two in the Finn and Paulson series by Will Shindler. I love this series and you can read my thoughts on the book right here. Here’s what the book is all about:

Source: Netgalley
Release date: 11/02/21
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

About the Book

Leave your daughter with me, or I will kill you both’

It felt like a normal Friday evening before Karl and his daughter Leah were ambushed by a figure in a blank mask. At knife point, Karl is forced to make an impossible choice. Stay and die, or walk away from Leah and take this thug’s word that they both will live.

Should Karl trust a villain and leave his daughter with a knife at her throat? Could he ever live with himself if he did?

It’s not long before more seemingly unconnected and innocent people across London are offered a deal in exchange for their life. More blood is spilled, more families shattered, and more people are left to suffer with the consequences of their decisions.

DI Alex Finn and DC Mattie Paulsen must hunt for a killer that appears to have no face, no motive and no conscience before more victims are forced to make their choice.

This is second in Will Shindler’s Finn and Paulsen series – a British detective series that ranks with Mark Billingham, M.J. Arlidge and Stuart MacBride.

Mandie’s Thoughts

I really enjoyed Will Schindler’s first book The Burning Men and was excited to see what was next and in the Killing Choice he has certainly produced another thrilling read. When Karl and his daughter Leah meet up to go to dinner they did not expect to end the evening the way they did. They are held at knifepoint and Karl has to make the heart-breaking choice of leaving his daughter with their attacker or both of them die. It’s not a choice anyone would want to make.

DI Alex Finn and DC Mattie Paulsen are called in to investigate what happened and if this was just some random attack or if it is linked to the family themselves. There is certainly something that Karl is hiding, and his attitude is not helping the feeling that somehow it is linked back to him. Although there is nothing much to like about him, you can still feel his sense of guilt that he made the wrong choice and that is something he will have to live with. When another attack takes place the pressure is on Finn and Paulsen to find out who is committing the murders and if they are linked in anyway. The attacks may be horrific, but they are all played out off scene and it is only the readers imagination from the aftermath that give the sense of what took place.

There are certainly a lot of twists and misdirection’s in this book and at first it is hard to see why one particular strand is there but as the investigation progresses it all slowly becomes a little clearer as the motive is finally revealed and while you may work out the why, the who is really not so easy, and you only truly work it out at the same time as Alex.

Alex and Mattie are characters that bounce off each other. As much as they are different they are very much the same. Both are quite insular and have issues with opening up to others when they are struggling. Alex is clearly still not over the death of his wife and Mattie is trying to cope with the fact that her father is suffering with Alzheimer’s which can lead to distractions and some dubious choices that could have dramatic consequences.

Will Schindler has managed again to create a set of characters that you may not like the more you know them (with the exception of Finn and Paulsen) but for some reason you will still want to know what happens to them. I am now looking forward to reading the next in the series to find out if Alex and Mattie have managed to make peace with themselves and what they will encounter next

About the Book

Will Shindler has been a Broadcast Journalist for the BBC for over twenty-five years, spending a decade working in television drama as a scriptwriter on Born and BredThe Billand Doctors. His time on these leading prime time dramas has given him a rich grounding in authentic police procedure, powerful character development and gripping narratives. He currently combines reading the news on BBC Radio London with writing crime novels and has previously worked as a television presenter for HTV, a sports reporter for BBC Radio Five Live, and one of the stadium presenters at the London Olympics. He is the writer of The Burning Men and The Killing Choice.

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