Rewind, Recap: Weekly update W/E 03/07/22

It is officially July which means it is also officially ‘Harrogate’ month – that time of the year where crime fiction authors and afficions gather in that wonderful Yorkshire town and celebrate all things bookishly crimey at Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, known by its many fans as, put simply. Harrogate. It’s also a weekend where the average consumption of beer, gin and gin adjacent products is increased by around 3000% but as they say, what happens in Harrogate, stays in Harrogate, and if you can;t let your hair down when you are away for a long weekend, when can you?

Which is my long winded way of saying, nothing happened this week. Nothing remotely interesting. Didn’t even really go for a walk unless you class heading to Costa for a breakfast of toast and cappuccino before my late start on Friday as a walk? Oh and possibly Aldi during my lunch break one of the days. I didn’t take pictures … Instead, have a recycled picture or two from one of my previous walks. Still pretty, right?

I don’t feel too bad about cheating you on the picture front this week as I have lots of lovely bookishness to replace it with instead. As we have gone past the end of June I can confirm that I not only eclipsed by Goodreads reading goal of 85 books last month, I managed to read 16 titles in total. 2 were short stories/novellas, but that is still 14 full length books as well and after the working month I’ve had, I’m happy with that.