Cover Reveal: The Redeemer by Victoria Goldman

Well this is a very exciting moment. I’ve been waiting for this for some time but can finally say that it is my ABSOLUTE pleasure to take part in the cover reveal for the debut crime fiction novel from Victoria Goldman, The Redeemer. I was lucky enough to read one of the early drafts of this book and I can most definitely say that this woman is talented and that it’s about fluffing time she was letting everyone else see it too. Before we take a look at the cover (very brooding and atmospheric it is too), let’s first see what the book is all about, shall we?

Release Date: 12th July
Publisher: Three Crowns Publishing

About the Book


Threatening plaques, vigilante killings, a Jewish community in an English town – what’s the link? The clock is ticking to the next murder.

After witnessing a racist incident in a small Hertfordshire town, journalist Shanna Regan uncovers a series of threatening fake commemorative plaques. Each plaque highlights someone’s misdemeanour rather than a good deed.

Delving deeper, Shanna discovers these plaques are linked to vigilante killings spanning several decades, with ties to the local Jewish community.

As her search for the truth becomes personal, Shanna puts her own life in danger. Can she stop the next murder in time?

Intrigued? You should be. Trust me when I say the book is full of suspense and mystery, taking readers in a very unexpected journey. The book is released on 12th July and is available to preorder right now from the links above.

So. Are you ready to see the cover?

Here …

It …

Comes …

What do you think? Fabulous isn’t it? But you need to be seeing what’s inside it too really, so go, get yourselves ordering. You know you want to!

About the Author

VICTORIA GOLDMAN is a freelance journalist, editor and proofreader. She was given an honourable mention for The Redeemer in the Capital Crime/DHH Literary Agency New Voices Award 2019. Victoria lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two sons. The Redeemer is her first novel.

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