Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 19/06/22

Another week, another weekend. Can’t say I’ve done a lot with it as, despite having a wonderfully sunny week whilst i was at work, record temperatures and all, the weekend was a drab wash out. Sunday less so, but that was dedicated to blog catch up so … meh. At least I did manage a couple of pre-work walks in the week, and was able to see the baby birds out on the canal, so it wasn’t all work work work. Mostly, but not entirely. Bonus. Reading mojo still not fully operational, but I did manage to complete a few reads, helped along by Audible, I just admit.

Not a very exciting week book wise. No new book post – not a bad thing as I’m more than enough titles on my list already. One Netgalley title – The Accomplice by Steve Cavanagh. Book buy wise, two preorders but they are not fully announced yet I don’t think and have no covers so I will wait on the proper cover reveal before I mention them. Oh and I bought the audiobook of The Blackbird by Tim Weaver. And that’s it. Quiet week, huh?

Books I have read

Night Shadows by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

The small community of Akranes is devastated when a young man dies in a mysterious house fire, and when Detective Elma and her colleagues from West Iceland CID discover the fire was arson, they become embroiled in an increasingly perplexing case involving multiple suspects. What’s more, the dead man’s final online search raises fears that they could be investigating not one murder, but two.

A few months before the fire, a young Dutch woman takes a job as an au pair in Iceland, desperate to make a new life for herself after the death of her father. But the seemingly perfect family who employs her turns out to have problems of its own and she soon discovers she is running out of people to turn to.

As the police begin to home in on the truth, Elma, already struggling to come to terms with a life-changing event, finds herself in mortal danger as it becomes clear that someone has secrets they’ll do anything to hide…

The Blackbird by Tim Weaver

Just before the crash, Cate and Aiden Gascoigne are recorded on CCTV, laughing and happy. Then their car plunges into a ninety-foot ravine.

Within seconds, the vehicle is an inferno – and the Gascoignes are trapped inside.

But when fire crews arrive, they find something impossible:

The vehicle is empty.

Cate and Aiden have vanished.

And only missing persons investigator David Raker can solve the mystery . . .

All I Said Was True by Imran Mahmood

I didn’t kill her. Trust me…
When Amy Blahn died on a London rooftop, Layla Mahoney was there. Layla was holding her. But all she can say when she’s arrested is that ‘It was Michael. Find Michael and you’ll find out everything you need to know.’

The problem is, the police can’t find him – they aren’t even sure he exists.

Layla knows she only has forty-eight hours to convince the police that bringing in the man she knows only as ‘Michael’ will clear her name and reveal a dangerous game affecting not just Amy and Layla, but her husband Russell and countless others.

But as the detectives begin to uncover the whole truth about what happened to Amy, Layla will soon have to decide: how much of that truth can she really risk being exposed?

No Country For Girls by Emma Styles

‘It’s not exactly how I imagined the week starting. An accessory to murder. On the run in the victim’s vehicle . . .’

Charlie and Nao are strangers from different sides of the tracks. They should never have met, but one devastating incident binds them together forever.

A man is dead and now they are unwilling accomplices in his murder there’s only one thing to do: hit the road in the victim’s twin cab ute, with a bag of stolen gold stashed under the passenger seat.

Suddenly outlaws, Nao and Charlie must make their way across Australia’s remote outback using only their wits to survive. They’ll do whatever it takes to evade capture and escape with their lives . . .

Thelma & Louise for a new generation, No Country for Girls is a gritty, twisty road-trip thriller that follows two young women on the run across the harsh, unforgiving landscape of Australia.

Not too bad, all things considered. I’ve had much less productive weeks and as I had to do another WHOLE FIVE DAYS at work, I’m happy with this week’s reading tally. I’ve now completed by 87th read of the year meaning I have officially surpassed by GoodReads target of 85 books for 2022. Bonus! Busy enough week on the blog as well to keep me on the straight and narrow – recap below.

#Review – Birthday Girl – Niko Wolf
#Review – Natural Causes – James Oswald
#Review – Nothing Else – Louise Beech
#Review – Bamburgh – LJ Ross
#Review – Dead Mercy – Noelle Holten

The week ahead sees us taking on three blog tours. I join in with a review of The Blackbird by Tim Weaver today, Mandie has her review of The Siege by John Sutherland tomorrow and then I’m back again with a review of Tasting Sunlight on Thursday. Tidy.

That’s me done for another week. Really trying to get back on top of my mojo this week. Five July books left to read and if I can do that by the end of June I will be very happy. Lots of plans over the next couple of months which, whilst I am very much looking forward to them, could completely derail my reading so I am most determined to get ahead where I can. Watch this space. If all else fails, I will prioritise tour books (all read for July and only one in August so far …) and see how everything else goes. Maybe I need a blog break anyway?

Have a wonderful week, whatever you are up to.

Jen x