Rewind, Recap: Weekly update W/E 15/5/22

Well another week passes us by. Not too bad a week either by all accounts. Can’t say I did much with it. Worked, read, walked. All the good stuff. Went to see the babies down the canal. Not as much as I’d have liked but enough to get some nice pictures and make me feel I wasn’t a completely lazy cowbag all week. Just a mostly lazy one … Good week for book post too, both from publishers and self sponsored. I have been a very happy bunny.

This week has been a good book week. Maybe even a great book week. I certainly can’t complain anyway. First up I decided to treat myself to a signed hardback copy of Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister from Waterstones. Not only is it a great book but it is also very pretty – pink spredges for heaven’s sake! To make the week even better I had a bumper crop of book post over the end of the week. First up was a proof of Cat and Mouse by M.J. Arlidge from Orion (published 9th June). I also received The Other Side of Night by Adam Hamdy from Macmillan (published 15th September) and a finished hardback copy of Birthday Girl by Niko Wolf from Hodder and Stoughton (published 9th June).

Some stunning book post

As if this is not enough, the lovely folk at Hodder only went and sent me a proof of Erin Kelly’s upcoming new novel, The Skeleton Key which is out on 1st September. Isn’t it a beaut? Maps and a family tree. And this is just the proof!

The Skeleton Key – total cover love 😍

One Netgalley title this week – The Lost Children by Michael Wood, the latest in the Matilda Darke series. Another cracker but a very dark tale so one to go to with eyes wide open. (Published 30th June).

Books I have read

Birthday Girl by NIko Wolf

Jonathan’s wife disappeared more than twenty years ago. Now he’s seeing her everywhere . . .

New York in the 1990s – impoverished writer Jonathan Dainty takes his wife Maddie out to the beach for her birthday. Hours later he finds himself at the local police precinct trying to explain how on earth he let his wife get into a stranger’s car, and allowed it to drive her away.

More than twenty years later, Maddie is presumed dead and Jonathan has channelled his grief into a best-selling series of crime novels. As far as he can, he is living the perfect life.

Then one day he catches a glimpse of his dead wife, moving through a throng of people. Is Maddie alive? Has she come back? And why does no one believe him? As Jonathan attempts to uncover the truth, it soon becomes clear that the people closest to him are hiding something, something that could change everything . . .

The propulsive thriller from debut talent Niko Wolf, perfect for fans of Gone Girl and Blood Orange

Survive to Fight by Billy Billingham & Connor Woodman

Matt Mason is attempting to put the army behind him, building a life for himself training anti-poaching forces on a game reserve.

He’s looking forward to meeting up with his eldest child, Jo, who has graduated naval college and taken a summer job working on a billionaire’s yacht in the Red Sea. But then he receives a call informing him that Jo’s boat is missing, likely abducted by Somali pirates.

Mason must call in favours from old contacts as he follows Jo’s trail. She isn’t the abduction target, she won’t be worth the pirates keeping for long. But she is still Matt Mason’s daughter, and she knows she needs to survive to fight.


The Lost Children by Michael Wood


DI Brady has been tracing victims of systemic abuse at a local children’s home after a high-profile accusation pitched it into the spotlight – a case that couldn’t be more personal.

As Matilda and her team piece together the disturbing picture of the history of the home, it soon becomes clear that this is much bigger than they ever suspected.

But nothing prepares them for what they uncover next…

The Lost Children is an utterly gripping crime thriller weaving a breakneck tale of a vast network of secrets and lies, a relentless detective determined to sabotage it, and a murder that shatters two decades of silence.

Three books in the week – I’ll take that. Nothing to be sniffed at. Full enough week on the blog – recap below:

#Review – An English Garden Murder – Katie Gayle
#Review – See No Evil – David Fennell
#PressRelease – Bloody Scotland – McIlvanney Prize Judges Revealed
#Review – Little Drummer – Kjell Ola Dahl
#Review – Six Graves – Angela Marsons
#Review – Wrong Place Wrong Time – Gillian McAllister

Three blog tours this week – two with Mandie at the helm and one for me. Mandie is sharing her thoughts on Six Wounds by Morgan Cry today and Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir on Friday and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Keep Her Sweet by Helen Fitzgerald on Wednesday.

That’s me just about done I think. Hoping for an easy week at work but not counting on it just yet. That’s when it all goes a bit wonky and I get buried under paperwork…

Hope you all have a lovely week and get to read some fabulous books

Jen x