A Year In Books – 2021 Quarter 3

Quarter three and the time where I started to really feel the change in my reading habits. Made the most of the summer but. still managed a healthy number of reads in July and August, but September is where it all started to change at work. Lots of extra pressure and lots of extra stress and I have been struggling with my focus ever since. Nothing to do with the books – I’ve still read some excellent tomes – but all to do with restructuring, restless nights, no motivation and feeling progressively more meh. We’ve all been there, huh? Tough couple of years. Thank heavens for books. Some absolute crackers out in the latter half of the year – and here is just what.


The Hunt And The Kill by Holly Watt
Murder In The Village by Lisa Cutts
The Devil’s Advocate by Steve Cavanagh
Substitute by Susi Holliday
Mummy’s Little Secret by MA Hunter
My Name Is Jensen by Heidi Amsinck
The Relentless Tide by Denzil Meyrick
A Darker Place by Rachel Amphlett
One Last Dram Before Midnight by Denzil Meyrick
Chasing the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar
A Line To Kill by Anthony Horowitz
Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena
Bad Apples by Will Dean
The Heron’s Cry by Ann Cleeves
A Breath On Dying Embers by Denzil Meyrick
The Wedding Party by Tammy Cohen
Jeremiah’s Bell by Denzil Meyrick
The Cove by LJ Ross


The Reckoning by Rachel Amphlett
A Large Measure Of Snow by Denzil Meyrick
Camp Death by Jim Ody
Ouija by Zoe-Lee O’Farrell
For Any Other Truth by Denzil Meyrick
1979 by Val McDermid
Cold As Hell by Lilja Sigurdardottir
Terms Of Restitution by Denzil Meyrick
Resilience by Bogdan Hrib
Missing by Erin Kinsley
Cause of Death by Jeffery Deaver
The Dark Remains by William McIlvanney & Ian Rankin
Five Minds by Guy Morpuss
The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman
Cleaning The Gold by Karin Slaughter & Lee Child
Too Good To Be True by Ann Cleeves
A Carrion Death by Michael Stanley
A Rattle Of Bones by Douglas Skelton
Sins Of The Father by Sharon Bairden
A Deadly Trade by Michael Stanley
The Sound Of Violet by Allen Wolf


Trick or Treat by Katerina Diamond
Many Deadly Returns Short Story Anthology
Death of the Mantis by Michael Stanley
The Quiet People by Paul Cleeves
The Reacher Guy by Heather Martin
Assassins Rogue by Rachel Amphlett
The Last Time She Died by Zoe Sharp
Cold Justice by Ant Middleton
Dark As My Heart by Antti Tuomainen
The Lost Boy by Rachel Amphlett
Survivor’s Guilt by Michael Wood
Flesh And Blood by Caroline Mitchell
Psychopath’s Anonymous by Will Carver
A Perfect Plan by Jeffery Deaver
Saying Goodbye To Tuesday by Chrissie Manby
Offshore by Ann Cleeves

Another 55 books read. Not bad all things considered. That took me up to a lovely 162 books, so the fact I haven’t yet hit 200 books read tells you how my final quarter went. But it is quality over quantity, and my reads above are supplemented with quite a few short stories that make things look a little better than they were. Still, I loved every one of these books. Can you spy a favourite amongst them? Any of them on your 2021 reading list? Final quarter tomorrow when I will know whether I managed to beat that 200 books tally. I already surpassed by Goodreads target of 85, and, at the end of the day, any reading is a plus, but it would be nice to see something good come out of 2021, even if it is only a double century of reads.

Happy reading all

Jen x

7 thoughts on “A Year In Books – 2021 Quarter 3

  1. I don’t know how you find the time Jen (note to self – stop pratting about so much and you’d find out). You have my utmost respect whether you hit the magic 200 or not. Hope that you can achieve all your goals next year, bookish or otherwise. All best wishes for 2022 to yourself and Mandie and hopefully we can say hello at some stage xx

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    1. Thanks Jill. It was the gift of working from home, a collection of novellas and lots of walking with audio books this year I think.

      Hope you have a lovely evening and a fabulous and positive 2022. Fingers crossed for meeting again next year xx

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