Rewind, recap: Weekly update W/E 07/11/21

Another week, another wait. Lots of stress still relating to the odl work stuff but hey – at least I was able to punctuate the week with a lovely trip to London and the launch of Antti Tuomainen’s The Rabbit Factor and Lilja Sigurdardottir’s Cold As Hell at the Icelandic Embassy. Their launch way back in 2019 was the last event the Embassy hosted and this year’s has been the first they have hosted since the lockdown restrictions lifted and so it’s nice to have come full circle.

Also did a bit of a walk around the city whilst we were there. Saw birdies on the Serpentine. Very relaxing.

Book wise, I’ve had a good week. a very good week. Two spiffing bits of book post – SAS: Bravo Three Zero by Des Powell and Damien Lewis from Quercus and The Shadows of Men by Abi Mukherjee from Vintage, although Mandie has taken first dibs on that one. And the lovely Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books sent Mandie and I both home with proof copies of some amazing upcoming titles by her fabulous authors – Demon by Matt Wesolowski; Unhinged by Thomas Enger and Jørn Lier Horst; Faceless by Vanda Symon and Off Target by Eve Smith.

Order wise there was just the one for me – The Lost Man of Dehra Dun by Vaseem Khan. No cover yet – according to Vaseem as of Thursday, he hadn’t even done structural edits and it’s not out until next August anyway so … two new Netgalley titles – No Less The Devil by Stuart MacBride and The Clockwork Girl by Ann Mazzola.

And that was it I think. Still a very good week, I think. you’d agree.

Books I have read

The Couple On Maple Drive by Sam Carrington

Have you heard about the couple on Maple Drive?

Isla barely leaves the house after her brutal mugging.

Her boyfriend Zach moved in with her after the attack. To look after her.

But something else has happened now. Right on their doorstep.

I don’t want to say that someone’s out to get her…

I just hope they find out the truth before it’s too late.

Or at least before the secrets they’re hiding from each other surface.

Because those could be even deadlier…

The Cold Killer by Ross Greenwood

It‘s hard to live when you think you deserve to die…

When a tired old inmate is found dead in his cell, the prison is obligated to investigate and so DI Barton attends. The men he interviews have been convicted of some of the worst things a human being can do, but it appears likely that the death was due to natural causes.

When the house of the dead man is burgled and that crime is followed by a suspicious fire, Barton desperately needs to speak to his widow, but she’s nowhere to be found.

In the space of twenty-four hours, everyone he wants to talk to has vanished. Then he receives some post which makes him believe he could be the next to disappear.

Barton’s investigation goes full circle, through a series of brutal murders, back to the prison, and all signs are pointing to the fact that he’s made a terrible mistake.

There’s a violent killer on the loose, who wants everyone to learn that some people deserve to die.

DI Barton is back as Ross Greenwood continues with his bestselling series, perfect for fans of Mark Billingham and Ian Rankin.

Not the fastest start to a month with only two books read this week. Do not for one minute think it has anything to do with the books. It’s all me and my messy work situation. Plus I had the day out on Thursday at the book launch with literally zero pages of any books read so I am very happy to have completed anything at all to be fair. Busy week on the blog with posts from Monday to Saturday, plus a post I accidentally managed to repost (don’t ask me how. – something wacky in WordPress) on Sunday – recap below.

#Review – The Reacher Guy – The Authorised Biography of Lee Child – Heather Martin
#Review – A Large Measure Of Snow – Denzil Meyrick
#Good Cop Bad Cop – Simon Kernick
#Review – A Toast To The Old Stones – Denzil Meyrick
#Review – The Hummingbird – Kati Hiekkapelto
#Review – Jeremiah’s Bell – Denzil Meyrick
#Review – There’s Only One Danny Garvey – David F. Ross

The week ahead is pretty full on again. Despite swearing we were slowing down this year we have four blog tours this week, starting today with Saying Goodbye To Tuesday by Chrissie Manby; The Lost by Simon Beckett on Tuesday; The Stolen Ones by Angela Marsons on Thursday and The Commandments by Óskar Guðmundsson on Saturday.

I am hoping by the time you read this that I will have had some news that will help things settle again, and that I can get back to what I do best – reading. All important call at 9:00 (ish) today and I am both nervous and apprehensive about what it will reveal. Not sure if I want you to wish me luck or not lol.

Have a wonderful week. Hope it is all full of books and laughter.

Jen x

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