Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 15/08/21

Well here we are. Officially into the halfway point of the month and beyond. How on earth have we got to the middle of August already? I’m not sure if the year is flying by or the new found freedoms are making is appear deceptively so, even if it really isn’t. All I know if that I have seen Christmas chocolates in the shops and I am just not ready for that yet. The bloody schools are even back yet (although, I concede, they do return this week in Scotland …). Week has passed by in a blur. Had a day off due to having and early dentist appointment that I couldn’t be arsed to return to work after (just a check up, don’t worry) and went for a long walk (10 miles) during which I earned by Kevin badge (don’t ask – it’s a Fitbit thing). And that was about it really. Fed the birds. Did another 6 mile walk on Saturday and earned a Stuart badge, then met a friend for coffee on Sunday. Week over. Oh and read a bit, but as this is a blog about books, I guess that’s a given ….

So I managed to fit in a few books around all the reading but, more importantly, I received a few books too. And what books they were! First up was a gifted copy of The Quiet People by Paul Cleave courtesy of Orenda Books. Really looking forward to reading this as it sounds amazing. I also received Missing by Erin Kinsley from Headline, which I’ll be reviewing as part of the tour next week. My last little bit of book post but one which had me more than I little bit bouncy was a copy of The Dark Remains by William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin sent by Canongate Books. As soon as I saw the sticker on the envelope I was absolutely bloody grinning. I’ve already got an order in for a signed copy with Portobello Books but I never imagined I’d be sent the ARC too. Guess what my next read is?

E-book wise I received a copy of Resilience by Bogdan Hrib courtesy of Corylus Books and Missing by Erin Kinsley via Headline on Netgalley (I wasn’t expecting the physical arc at that stage). Order wise it was just the one for me this week surprisingly – Everyday Kindness, a collection of short stories by a whole host of wonderful writers, the proceeds of which will be going to Shelter.

A quiet week for me really, but perhaps after the last couple of weeks, that’s not a bad thing …

Books I have read

Missing by Erin Kinsley

When two sisters receive the news their mother is missing, their lives will never be the same again. Loyal but fragile Lily, and headstrong, long-absent Marta must come together to uncover what has happened to her.

Meanwhile, on the brink of retirement, DI Fox investigates cold cases long since forgotten. And there’s one obsession he won’t let go: a tragic death twenty years before.

Can Lily and Marietta find the truth about their mother? Will Fox solve a mystery that has haunted him for decades? As their stories unexpectedly collide, long-buried secrets will change their lives in unimaginable ways.

A gripping and emotional new thriller perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, Heidi Perks, Claire Douglas and Linda Green.

Resilience by Bogdan Hrib

Stelian Munteanu has had enough of fixing other people’s problems: all he wants to do is make the long-distance relationship with his wife Sofia work.

But when a notorious Romanian businessman asks him to investigate the death of his daughter in the north of England, he reluctantly gets involved once more. This time it turns into a tangled web of shady business dealings and international politics.

Moving rapidly between London, Newcastle, Bucharest and Iasi, Resilience shows just how easy and dangerous it is to fall prey to fake news and social media manipulation.

Five Minds by Guy Morpuss


The Earth’s spiralling population has finally been controlled. Lifespans are limited to eighty years, except for those who make an extreme choice: to become a commune. Five minds sharing one body, each living for four hours at a time. But with a combined lifespan of nearly 150 years.

Alex, Kate, Mike, Sierra and Ben have already spent twenty-five years together in what was once Mike’s body, their frequent personality clashes leading to endless bickering, countless arguments, and getting themselves stranded on a Russian Artic freighter. Wanting to buy upgrades for their next host body, they decide to travel to a Death Park where time can be gambled like money. But things go very wrong when Kate accepts a dangerous offer, and one of them disappears.

Someone is trying to kill off members of the commune. But why? Is one of them responsible? Or is an outsider playing a deadly game? It’s hard enough to catch a murderer. It’s almost impossible when you might be sharing a body with them…

This brilliant murder mystery blends classic crime with speculative fiction in a stunning debut.

Cause of Death by Jeffery Deaver

New York Times bestselling master of suspense Jeffery Deaver unveils the secrets of a marriage when a husband decides to investigate his wife’s death in this gripping short story.

Jon Talbot is a history professor who makes sense of the past by examining facts. He also knows how to speculate about the what-ifs. Jon’s doing both following the death of his wife, Pax. Driving home late from a volunteer assignment, she plunged off a mountain highway and died. The police find nothing suspicious about the facts: a deer in the road, a blown tire, a broken neck. But the what-ifs are leading Jon down a twisting trail of secrets. After five years of marriage, he is finally getting to know his wife.

The Dark Remains by William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin

If the truth’s in the shadows, get out of the light . . .

Lawyer Bobby Carter did a lot of work for the wrong type of people. Now he’s dead and it was no accident. Besides a distraught family and a heap of powerful friends, Carter’s left behind his share of enemies. So, who dealt the fatal blow?

DC Jack Laidlaw’s reputation precedes him. He’s not a team player, but he’s got a sixth sense for what’s happening on the streets. His boss chalks the violence up to the usual rivalries, but is it that simple? As two Glasgow gangs go to war, Laidlaw needs to find out who got Carter before the whole city explodes.

William McIlvanney’s Laidlaw books changed the face of crime fiction. When he died in 2015, he left half a handwritten manuscript of Laidlaw’s first case. Now, Ian Rankin is back to finish what McIlvanney started. In The Dark Remains, these two iconic authors bring to life the criminal world of 1970s Glasgow, and Laidlaw’s relentless quest for truth.

Not a bad week I suppose. Four full length books and one novella. Takes my total books read up to 138 for the year so far (apparently roughly one every 1.7 days – won’t keep that up!) so I’ll take that as a win considering I made it to about 160 total last year … Not that it’s a race, but it’s nice to know my focus is back. Sort of. Busy week on the blog – recap below.

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#Review – Substitute – Susi Holliday
#Press Release – Bloody Scotland announcement
#Review – There’s Only One Danny Garvey – David F. Ross
#Review – Mummy’s Little Secret – M.A. Hunter

We’ve a pretty full week ahead on the blog, although only the one blog tour. On Friday I’ll be sharing my thoughts on The Wedding Party by Tammy Cohen – looking forward to it.

So that is my week in a nutshell. I’ve a couple of reviews to write up today and then I’m back to the reading. Some cracking books lined up this week and I cannot wait to get started. I also have work, but, meh. Got to pay the bills somehow I suppose.

Hope you all have a wonderfully bookish week. See you on the other side.

Jen x