Rewind, recap: Weekly Update W/E 11/07/21

Another week bites the dust. Good news – i made parole on Wednesday as planned. A day of escape beckoned and a nice walk and a couple of coffee’s later, isolation all seems like a distant memory. Okay. Not that distant, but it’s done. For now. And I’m all good, so that is all good. Swans seemed pleased to see me again too – at least they were pleased to see the food I bought with me, but i’ll take that as a win. Not much else to report from my week other than I bought chocolate I shouldn’t eat, struggled to read (too hot and tired) and got brain fade processing lots of boring data at work. Lucky me.

My morning walks post parole day.

So. my week wasn’t a complete write off reading wise, but it was a struggle. No reflection on the books – all about me. Being stuck in the house kind of triggered my complete apathy about being away so reading was a struggle. Coupled with a lot of insomnia when I actually did go to bed, and early mornings Wednesday onward for my daily walk, by the time i finished work I was a little too tired to actually focus on a book and the weekend hasn’t been much better to be honest. i read – I listened – but I did find it tough this week and after a record five books last week, I’ve had to push to finish more – and catch up on long overdue reviews – this week.

No book post this week. 1 Netgalley title – Darkness Falls by Robert Byrndza which I’m quite happy about as I’ve really enjoyed the first two books in the series. (US Site in case you are wondering – check out the author’s twitter profile for the link). Book buy wise, I purchased two new books and placed two pre-orders. Purchases were The Hollows by Mark Edwards and A Large Measure of Snow by Denzil Meyrick and preorders were The Village by Caroline Mitchell and A Toast to the Old Stones by Denzil Meyrick. And that’s the lot. probably just as well given the ordering frenzy from last week …

Books I have read

Substitute by Susi Holliday

Three people live. Three people die. You make the choice.

Like any mother, Chrissie wants to protect her family. She would do anything to keep them safe. So when a mysterious stranger turns up at her door, offering to prevent the deaths of the people she loves, it sounds too good to be true. The only problem: she must choose someone to die in their place. A substitute.

When her daughter Holly has a terrible accident, Chrissie has no option but to enter the programme. In that horrifying moment, she would do anything to save her. But even after Holly makes a miraculous recovery, Chrissie is convinced it’s just a coincidence. After all, who can really control the laws of life and death?

But as the dangers to her family escalate and her chosen substitutes begin to disappear, Chrissie finds herself in an underworld of hidden laboratories and secretive doctors. And the consequences of playing by their rules are far deadlier than she ever imagined…

My Name Is Jensen by Heidi Amsinck

Guilty. One word on a beggar’s cardboard sign. And now he is dead, stabbed in a wintry Copenhagen street, the second homeless victim in as many weeks.

Dagbladet reporter Jensen, stumbling across the body on her way to work, calls her ex lover DI Henrik Jungersen. As, inevitably, old passions are rekindled, so are old regrets, and that is just the start of Jensen’s troubles. The front page is an open goal, but nothing feels right…..

When a third body turns up, it seems certain that a serial killer is on the loose. But why pick on the homeless? And is the link to an old murder case just a coincidence? With her teenage apprentice Gustav, Jensen soon finds herself putting everything on the line to discover exactly who is guilty …

Mummy’s Little Secret by M.A. Hunter

Four little words can ruin a life.

When Jess meets five-year-old Daisy and her mum, Morag, in a local London park, they seem a perfectly happy and loving pair. Until Daisy whispers four little words that send ice seeping down Jess’s spine…

She’s not my mum.

Determined to save Daisy, Jess becomes obsessed with unearthing Morag’s secrets. As she digs ever deeper, her friends and family start to question her own increasingly paranoid behaviour…

Four little words can end a life.

But Jess knows what she heard and she’s certain the fear in Daisy’s eyes was real. Of course she isn’t imagining things… Or is she?

Mummy’s Little Secret is a nerve-shredding new psychological thriller from the author of The Missing Children Case Files – perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and C.L. Taylor.

And that was my lot. I’m part way through another audiobook that I’ll definitely finish this week, but not quite there yet. But I’ll take three books all things considered. It should probably, by rights, be less given my ability to stay away (aside from overnight) has been seriously challenged. Full week on the blog – recap below:

#Review – Private Rogue – James Patterson & Adam Hamdy
#Review – The Dying day – Vaseem Khan
#Review – If Only – Angela Marsons
#Review – Fallen Angels – Gunnar Staalesen
#Review – That Night – Gillian McAllister
#Review – Blacktop Wasteland – S.A. Cosby

we’ve gone a little blog tour crazy this week with no less than 6 tour posts. 6!!! Both Mandie and I will share out thoughts on The C Word A Charity short story anthology brought to use by Spellbound Books. I’ll be waxing lyrical (well sharing a review) about The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell; Little Rebel by Jérôme Leroy and The Beresford by Will Carver, whilst Mandie will also share her thoughts on I Know What I Saw by Imran Mahmood, a book i personally loved. Phew. So much for cutting back and taking it easy, huh?

One highlight of the week I’ve not yet mentioned – I only had a Betty’s delivery! Fat Rascals and Chocolate cake. Yes – I’m very happy. And fat now, but it was soooo worth it.

Have a lovely book filled week all. See you on the other side.

Jen x