Rewind, Recap: Weekly Update W/E 28/02/21

Yikes. March already. But also yay. March already. Most years we would be begging time to slow down, this year, much like last, it cannot pass quickly enough. Another week closer to whatever passes for freedom in the future. Roll on June. i might even have had my first jab by then. Who knows. Another week of not doing a lot – went for a grocery shop. Go me. Boxed up some of the ARCs I have that I’ve actually read and freed up a little space on my bookshelves. That’s okay but now i have space which means extra dusting and I’m not sure how I feel about that right now … 🤔😉.


So I have a brilliant book week this. week. Very exciting book post and some cracking reads. First up I received a book I won in a giveaway recently – Linwood Barclay’s Find you First. Then I received some amazing #bookpost. 21st Birthday by James Patterson from Century; Good Girl by Mel Sherratt from Avon Books and the trade hardback of Winterkill from the lovely Karen Sullivan at Orenda Books. This now means I have every single UK one of. the seven versions of the book, as I also purchased the audiobook to complete my collection. From Netgalley I got two new titles: I Know What I Saw by Imran Mahmood and Mimic by Daniel Cole. No new books but I can fess up to one of last week’s preorders now as the cover has been revealed – The Great Silence by Doug Johnstone, the final book in the Skelfs series. One new Goldsboro Books order – Sawbones by Stuart MacBride.

Books I have read

Facets Of Death by Michael Stanley

When a Botswana mine is robbed of 100,000 carats of diamonds and the thieves are murdered execution-style, Botswana’s Detective Kubu begins a terrifying international investigation in the prequel to the award-winning Detective Kubu series.

Recruited straight from university to Botswana’s CID, David ‘Kubu’ Bengu has raised his colleagues’ suspicions with his meteoric rise within the department, and he has a lot to prove…

When the richest diamond mine in the world is robbed of 100,000 carats worth of gems, and then the thieves are killed, execution-style, Kubu leaps at the chance to prove himself. But where are the diamonds? And what role does a witch doctor and his son play? Does this young detective have the skill – and integrity – to engineer an international trap? Or could it cost him everything, including his life…?

A riveting, chilling prequel to the award-winning Detective Kubu series, Facets of Death introduces the beloved Kubu and his richly described native Botswana, in a dark, sophisticated thriller that will leave you breathless.

Shallow Ground by Andy Maslen

Detective Ford has a cold-blooded killer to catch. But can he escape his own dark secrets?

Barely a month since his promotion to Inspector, DI Ford is called in to investigate the murder of a young nurse and her son in a small flat in Salisbury. There are few clues, and no apparent motive, but Ford can sense that there’s a serial killer at work. After all, he knows from brutal personal experience how killers cover their tracks…

It’s been six years since Ford lost his wife in a climbing accident—an accident he caused. He is desperate to keep the truth hidden, especially from his son, Sam. But Ford’s new partner, Dr Hannah Fellowes, is a crime scene investigator with a ruthlessly analytical mind, and as they work together to track down the killer, his crippling guilt is compounded by fear of exposure.

When instinct leads him towards a high-profile suspect, his superiors’ warnings just make him more determined to connect impulse and fact. But can Ford hold it all together—the case, his life—long enough to stop the killer?

Time is Running Out by Michael Wood

You’re a survivor, aren’t you, Matilda? But what’s the point in surviving when everyone around you is dead?

When DCI Matilda Darke receives a mysterious telephone call, she immediately dismisses the threat. Afterall the Homicide and Major Enquiries team are a regular target for prank calls.

But ignoring this warning might soon be the biggest regret of Matilda Darke’s life.

A lone gunman is on a deadly rampage around Sheffield, leaving a bloody trail in his wake. Taking his shots with a sickening precision, he’s about to leave his mark on the world and change Matilda and her team’s lives forever.

The next chilling instalment in the DCI Matilda Darke thriller series, perfect for fans of Patricia Gibney and Angela Marsons.

Land Rites by Andy Maslen

A country manor. Two murders. Multiple suspects. Can DI Ford solve the case before his own dark past is exposed?

After a dog walker discovers human remains in a badger sett in the idyllic Salisbury countryside, DI Ford is called in to lead the ensuing murder investigation. When a second victim turns up in a nearby pond, Ford is determined to find the connection.

Both victims met their fate near the sprawling Alverchalke Estate, ancestral home of a decorated war hero and his family. One was a dogged eco-activist and vocal critic of Lord Baverstock. The other was a petty criminal and poacher, youngest brother of a notorious local crime family. Certain that there’s more to this case than trespassing, Ford and Dr Hannah Fellowes race to find the hidden link. But when one victim’s family threatens to expose Ford’s own dark secret, the ticking clock becomes a time bomb.

Still consumed by guilt over his part in his wife’s tragic accident and struggling to raise the teenage son he lied to, Ford now finds himself losing control of the investigation. Can he work with Hannah to solve the case while privately fighting off the attempted blackmail? Or have his demons finally caught up with him?

In spite of February only having 28 days, that takes me up to another amazing 15 books and 1 short story collection this month. I’m very happy with that but know I was aided by only working four day weeks all month. That’s me now 31 titles towards my target of 85 in the year – well on my way.

Busy enough week on the blog – recap below:

#Review – The Echo Wife – Sarah Gailey
#Review – The Healer – Antti Tuomainen
#Review – Innocent – Erin Kinsley
#Review – Deep Dark Night – Steph Broadribb
#Review – Fatal Isles – Maria Adolfsson

This week we’ve got a nice mix of reviews planned but no blog tours – I know right? we’ve deliberately taken a bit of step back and I’ve been focusing on reading some of the books i really want to either dig into or catch up on over the past few weeks and it’s been great. no pressure and no expectations, just all fun reading.

Well, that’s me done for the week. I’m back to work and back to reading, in that order for today at least. Hoping March can be as productive as the past two months but if not, well, who cares? It’s all for the love of the books, not the speed of the reading.

Hope you all have a. brilliant week. Stay safe and I’ll see you next week. Here’s a gratuitous kitty pic to tide you over.

Jen x