My Year In Books – Quarter One 2020

In spite of everything, I’ve actually had one of my most productive reading years. It didn’t feel like it at times. Quite often I felt as though my reading mojo had not just left the building, it had hitched a ride on the last shuttle to the International Space Station and had no intentions of returning any time soon. But I persevered – which actually makes it sound really bad, as though it was a real chore. Trust me when I say that it was not the books fault. Not at all. I think that most of us can recognise that 2020 has been a very turbulent and unusual year. I have suffered emotional moments as much as the next person and I have struggled mentally and sometimes physically with adjusting to all the changes in our lives right now. But … that said, I have managed to read some absolutely brilliant books and while my reviews may not always reflect the passion I felt for them (sorry authors), I am still really enjoying what I do.

So how did I do and what books did I manage to read? Well, as I write this post I have 171 completed, but I’m aiming for a further six or seven by the end of the year. Hopefully I can give a full update by the time I post the final quarter review. And what were these magical books that made this year more bearable? Well here’s a snapshot of what I read in quarter one.

The Creak On The Stairs – Eva Björg Ægisdottir
Captivated – Jeffery Deaver
Alice Teale is Missing – Howard Linskey
Never Have I Ever – LV Hay
The Tattoo Thief – Alison Belsham
Perfect Kill – Helen Fields
The Burning Men – Will Shindler
Are You Watching – Vincent Ralph
Liar Liar – Mel Sherratt
Two Evils – Eva Dolan

Watching From The Dark – Gytha Lodge
Grace Is Gone – Emily Elgar
Containment – Vanda Symon
Keep Him Close – Emily Koch
The Last Days Of Disco – David F. Ross
The Abrupt Physics of Dying – Paul E. Hardisty
The Evolution of Fear – Paul E. Hardisty
Deep Dark Night – Steph Broadribb

The Secret Admirer – Carol Wyer
Black River – Will Dean
Clover Cottage – Christie Barlow
The Devil Wore Black – Mark L. Fowler
The Donor – Claire Mackintosh
A Fresh Start – Various
The Unbroken – Alex Caan
The Familiar Dark – Amy Engel
Marked For Death – Tony Kent
The Second Hostage – Jeffery Deaver
We Begin At The End – Chris Whitaker
Killer Christmas – Leigh Russell
Strangers – C.L. Taylor
Little Disasters – Sarah Vaughan
Power Play – Tony Kent
Remember Me – Amy McLellan
The Silence – Daisy Pearce
Pierced – Thomas Enger

So that was my first quarter – 36 books in three months. Not bad going but then this was before the madness started …

Stop by tomorrow for my Q2 reads.

Jen x

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