The #Bookvent Calendar 2020 – Day 3


#Bookvent – Celebrating my top reads of 2020

My day three #bookvent choice is also the third book in a series. A mixture of action, legal and political thrillers, this series has something for everyone and all the tension and intrigue that thriller fans could ask for. This time around the story is placed firmly in the political thriller field, with a story that spans continents and takes readers to corruption at the heart of one of the Government of one of the most powerful nations in the world. I love the action, i love the intensity and I love the characters. My day three pick is …


Power Play by Tony Kent

A plane explodes over the Atlantic Ocean, killing hundreds of passengers, including controversial US presidential candidate Dale Victor. It appears to be a clear-cut case of terrorism. But as criminal barrister Michael Devlin is about to discover, everything is not as it seems.

Also suspecting there are shady forces at work, intelligence agent Joe Dempsey is driven to investigate. Who would have wanted this potential new president out of the way – and who would commit mass murder to do it?

All the way to the top of the US government, someone is determined to stop Dempsey and Devlin from discovering the truth. At any cost.


Whereas book one spans the world of both Devlin and Dempsey, and book two was very much Devlin’s story, this book is all Dempsey and all action. That’s not to say that Devlin doesn’t feature, he does, but given the battering the poor guy has been taking, it’s probably only fair that Dempsey has the focus on him this time around. Corruption, scandal, and political battles all set against a backdrop of potential terrorism sees this book power to the top of my must read lists. I do love the way in which the author has developed these characters and whilst Dempsey remained somewhat of an enigma in the first couple of books, we do get to know him just a teeny bit better this time around. Only a little – he’s a very guarded individual, but there is more of the personal side to his story revealed, and we see what creates that quiet and very fierce determination within him. And the story, the political corruption … well if we hadn’t just live the past four years you would have to wonder how easy it would be to swallow such a tale, but we have and somehow the possibility of this story is all too plausible. If you love action thrillers, then this book will have plenty. to keep you entertained. The pacing was fast, the story completely engrossing and the characters, new and old, really made me want to read more. I’m loving this. series and can’t wait for the next book.

Happy #bookvent reading all


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