Lies by TM Logan

This book has been sitting on my TBR shelf for far too long so, with all of my extra long walks during lockdown, I decided to move it up the pile and tucked into the audiobook earlier this year. It has also been sitting on my to be reviewed shelf for far too long, but better late than never. Here’s what it’s all about:

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About the Book

Joe Lynch is just an ordinary happily-married man – until one split-second decision throws his life into crisis.

When Joe sees his wife having a confrontation with family friend Ben, it’s the first hint that she’s been lying to him – about everything. And when he steps in to protect her, a harmless shove knocks Ben to the ground. And he’s not moving…

Gripping, unputdownable and packed with twists and turns from the first page to the very last, this stunning psychological thriller will make you question whether we can ever really trust the ones we love . . .

My Thoughts

This is the first book I’ve read by TM Logan but I am beginning to realise that i’ve been a bit of a numpty and need to move the rest of the author’s books up my ever expanding TBR list, especially if Lies in anything to go by. This book definitely makes an impression, taking a seemingly normal situation and turning it into a waking nightmare for the protagonist Joe Lynch. Well … as normal as suspecting your wife may well be having an affair can be, that is. And if you think that his wife’s infidelity is the worst of Joe’s issues then you’ve another think coming as confronting the possible ‘other man’ has some very serious and life changing consequences for all concerned.

TM Logan has created a book that is packed with mystery and suspense, as well as infusing it with moments of real tension and Joe tries to track down what really happened to his once friend, Ben, and why someone is trying to set him up for Ben’s disappearance and, worse still, suspected murder. true, as a reader you know that things don’t look good for Ben as we are present during the altercation alluded to in the blurb, but from here on in things start to get very strange and very creepy and the author keeps Joe, and readers, on the edge throughout.

It’s really hard to say too much about the story as it takes us into the realm of potential spoilers. However, seeing the effective way in which Joe’s foe toys with him, playing with his anger and his determination to prove his innocence when everyone around him suspects he is guilty, really adds a new layer of tension to the story, as well as a kind of excitement as I found myself trying to decipher who was behind the taunting messages and threats Joe received. Believe me, with the exception of Joe and his young son, there are very few people in the book that I trusted, the police included, and with Ben as a less than likeable victim I found myself very firmly rooted in Joe’s corner.

There are clues abound if you play close attention, and the ending came as both a surprise and not, partly because of the nature of how it unfolded. Some of what Joe believed was true, but not in the way you might think, and that steady undercurrent of unease that carries through the book, leads us to a showdown that could prove deadly. It’s a slow build, but in a story that held my attention from the start, and with a mystery I just needed to solve, that is no bad thing. I’m really looking forward to reading more by the author now.

About the Author

T.M. Logan’s thrillers have sold more than 750,000 copies in the UK and are published in 18 countries around the world. His novel The Holiday was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick and became a Sunday Times bestseller in paperback. Formerly a national newspaper journalist, he now writes full time and lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children. 

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