Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 18/10/20

Another one bites the dust! Where are these weeks going? The only improvement I can attest to over last week is that I managed to get out for a couple of walks, beyond that nothing much has happened and there is very little to report. Work, read (poorly and barely. The familiar refrain of ‘it’s me not the books’). Sleep. Sometimes.

How was your week? Hopefully good and hopefully stress free, or as stress free as these times can ever be. I had an underwhelming week. Don;t think I even bought any books if you can believe that? I did receive one through the post though, completely unexpected – Carole Matthews’ Christmas For Beginners. A couple of new Netgalley titles that are now in my reading list for 2021 – can’t believe that is already filling up and it’s not even November yet. The Burning Girls by CJ Tudor and Hyde by Craig Russell.

And that was it. Which pretty much sums things up. Least said soonest mended.

Books I have read

The Ice Killer by Ross Greenwood

Once, her heart was empty. Now it’s filled with ice…

Ellen’s therapist told her to forget the past, but the life she’s left with is boring. All she wants is to be happy and normal, but the approaching long bleak nights of winter loom heavy before her, especially as she’ll be alone.

But when the secrets her mother put in place to protect her are exposed, Ellen learns the frightening truth. Her history is darker than she imagined. She’s not who she thinks she is, and the real her is a very different person to the one that others have mistreated and exploited.

If there’s hope of a future, Ellen must find answers about the past, and the new Ellen is less forgiving. This winter, there will be more than just discontent, and DI Barton will struggle in his hardest case to date.

How can he find the truth when all the victims and witnesses are dead?

Her Last Breath by Alison Belsham

A gripping new detective series set in Brighton for readers who enjoy Peter James’ Roy Grace series.

When a young woman is attacked and left fighting to survive in hospital, the police are pulled into a race against time to save her life. But just 24 hours later, she dies and a deadly tattoo is discovered on her body.

And when another young woman disappears, Detective Francis Sullivan and his team fear a serial killer walks the streets of Brighton.

His team identify a suspect, Alex Mullins, son of Francis’s lover, Marni. Can Francis forget their shared past and save the next victim before it is too late?

There’s Only One Danny Garvey by David F. Ross

Danny Garvey was a sixteen-year old footballing prodigy. Professional clubs clamoured to sign him, and a glittering future beckoned.

And yet, his early promise remained unfulfilled, and Danny is back home in the tiny village of Barshaw to manage the struggling junior team he once played for. What’s more, he’s hiding a secret about a tragic night, thirteen years earlier, that changed the course of several lives. There’s only one Danny Garvey, they once chanted … and that’s the problem.

A story of irrational hopes and fevered dreams – of unstoppable passion and unflinching commitment in the face of defeat – There’s Only One Danny Garvey is, above all, an unforgettable tale about finding hope and redemption in the most unexpected of places.

So that was it. All I achieved in the week. Could be worse. Has been better. Busy enough week on the blog – recap below:

#Review – No Fear – Casey Kelleher
#Review – Portrait of the Spy as a Young Man – Edward Wilson
#Review – Nothing Important Happened Today – Will Carver
#Review – A Death in The Family – Michael Stanley
#Review – Dead Perfect – Noelle Holten

Only one blog tour in the week ahead – I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Betrayal by Lilja Sigurdardottir and there will be a mix of reviews to go too. And that’s it. Not going to lie – it’s a struggle at the moment so getting anything going or published is being seen as a bonus.

Hope you all have a brilliantly bookish week. I’m going to go and have a serious talk with myself then lie down in a darkened room. With a book, of course. Thank god for the paperwhite!

Jen xx