Shed No Tears by Caz Frear

Today I am delighted to join the blog tour for Shed No Tears , the latest book from Caz Frear. Thanks to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers and to Publishers, Zaffre, for inviting me to join the tour and providing the advance copy of the book for review. Here’s what it’s all about:

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About the Book

Four victims.
Killer caught.
Case closed . . . Or is it?

Christopher Masters, known as ‘The Roommate Killer’, strangled three women over a two-week period in a London house in November 2012. Holly Kemp, his fourth victim, was never found.

Until now.

Her remains have been unearthed in a field in Cambridgeshire and DC Cat Kinsella and the Major Investigation Team are called in. But immediately there are questions surrounding the manner of her death. And with Masters now dead, no one to answer them.

Did someone get it wrong all those years ago? And if so, who killed Holly Kemp?

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My Thoughts

I have been lucky, in a way, playing catch up as I have, that I have been able to read all three Cat Kinsella books back to back. Lucky because it means that all of the characters and events are fresh in my ind as I read this book, but also lucky because it has been such a great series to get my teeth into. This latest instalment, She No Tears, was no exception. Thrown into the heart of the investigation from the off, this book kept me rapt from start to finish and is quite possibly my favourite of the three.

The book opens with Cat and DS Lu Parnell attending a crime scene in Cambridgeshire where what is let of the body of a young woman is found in a ditch in remote farmland. Why are Cat and Parnell involved you may well ask. Well, it is because this body has links to a case investigated by the Met Police some six years earlier, the notorious ‘Roommate Killer’, and this young woman was believed to be his final victim. Until now. Although all the evidence pointed towards Christopher Masters at the time, the discovery of the body sheds new light on the investigation and forces the team to reopen the case, if only to put it to bed once and for all and to close the case file down. But if it was going to be that easy, this would be a very, very short book.

It wasn’t and it isn’t. What Caz Frear has delivered to us instead is an investigation that is full of holes, ones so big you could drive an Artic-lorry through in some cases, and one that forces the MIT4 team to look deeper into the past and some of the so-called cast iron witness statements that were taken at the time. It brings the team into contact with some very shady characters, some of whom move in circles a little too close to Cat’s own complicated family life, and also some of the original investigating officers, including DCI Steele’s old boss and mentor. Once again the author has created characters who are diverse and authentic, form the uber-ambitious DCI Tess Dyer, through to the more menacing Crime boss, Simon Fellows. Each one with their distinct personality brings the story to life.

Now this is a story of misdirection, where nothing is quite what it seems. But how much of it is down to human error and how much is by design remains to be seen. I loved watching the team at work, and seeing the conflict that arises in Cat when she received not one but two offers anyone would find it hard to refuse. This book certainly marks a potential crossroad in her life, making her take a long hard look at what it is she really wants. Yet none of this detracts her from the job in hand and although her instincts seems slightly dulled this time around, she is still quick enough to spot some of the more ambiguous and doubtful elements of the original case.

It’s hard to say a lot more without giving too much away, but what i will do is reiterate what i said earlier – this is possibly my favourite of the three books to date. The story just drew me in, the mystery just enough to keep my interest piqued. There is a chilling back story in the Roommate Killer case, but also an underlying element of tension that bubbles along as the story progresses, something that tells you something isn’t right but keeps you in suspense to the end. If you love the series, then you are going to love this book too.

About the Author

Caz Frear grew up in Coventry and spent her teenage years dreaming of moving to London and writing a novel. After fulfilling her first dream, it wasn’t until she moved back to Coventry thirteen years later that the writing dream finally came true.

She has a first-class degree in History & Politics, which she’s put to enormous use over the years by working as a waitress, shop assistant, retail merchandiser and, for the past twelve years, a headhunter.

When she’s not agonising over snappy dialogue or incisive prose, she can be found shouting at the TV when Arsenal are playing or holding court in the pub on topics she knows nothing about.

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