Turn to Dust by Rachel Amphlett

Today it is my great pleasure to be taking part in the blog tour for Turn To Dust, the latest book in the Kay Hunter series by Rachel Amphlett. I’m a huge fan of Rachel’s work and have loved this series since the beginning so it’s great to catch up with Kay and the team again. Here’s what the book is all about:

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About the Book

When the body of a naked man is found in the middle of a barren field, a rural community is left in shock – and fear.

Discovering that someone is offering money in return for information about the dead man and anyone connected to him, Detective Kay Hunter realises there is a dark side to the victim’s past.

When a key witness disappears and a web of deceit and lies threatens to derail the investigation, she fears the worst.

Can Kay and her team of detectives find out who is behind the man’s murder before another victim is targeted?

Turn to Dust is the ninth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series and perfect for readers who enjoy fast-paced murder mysteries.

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My Thoughts

Oh how I have missed this series. I do love a good Kay Hunter story – always guaranteed a brilliant storyline and it’s fun to see which animals Kay’s partner, Adam, brings home from his vet’s practice this time around. Well – I’m not going to spoil that particular surprise. If you want to know you’ll have to read the book, but I guarantee that they are cute. As for the story – wow. Full of mystery, a little emotion, and a whole heap of tension. It had me completely drawn in from the start of the book the the final action infused pages.

I have to say that as openers go, this one is very surprising. It’s not often you are faced with an investigation where a body is found, naked and badly broken, in the middle of an unused field, but that is exactly what faces Kay and the team in this latest instalment. Not only are they faced with the task of identifying him, but they also need to know not only how he came to be in the field but also how he came to sustain such horrific injuries. There is one possible solution to that problem, one that seems probable and yet almost impossible. And with the only potential witness disappearing as abruptly as she appears, it is one heck of a case to follow.

I love the characters of Kay and her team. Kay is such a steadfast, and determined person and yet wholly likeable that you find yourself 100% invested in not just the investigation but her too. The team she has around her are equally likeable, Barnes, Piper and Carys all bringing something very unique to the team dynamic. There is a new probationary Detective in the team this time around, Laura Hanway, who fits in with the others really easily, with Piper taking her under his wing. This is no bad thing as things look set to change for the team moving forward but you’ll have to read all about it to find out how and why.

Rachel Amphlett has done a brilliant job of building the tension within this story. There are no end of suspects around the local farms and yet given the nature of what has happened, none of them really seems viable. It is clear there is some kind of secret being kept, the team slowly chipping away until vital clues are revealed, keeling the reader glued to the pages to see what may happen next. hilst this isn’t a fast paced high action kind fo thriller, there are moments of real tension and scenes that will provide that little shock factor. It certainly makes you think about the treatment of others, particularly the homeless and Army veterans, as the team tries to engage with the two communities to find the identity of the victim. There is a kind of veil of secrecy surrounding the victim, one that puts his character in question and reveals some rather surprising and thought provoking facts. The author skillfully balances up the darker side of the tale with a story of hope, courage and moralistic conviction that results in the ultimate of sacrifices being made.

Full of tension and mystery this was another brilliant story and a fitting way to reacquaint ourselves with the team. I’m really looking forward to seeing where they all lead us next.

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett writes crime fiction and spy novels, including the Detective Kay Hunter British murder mystery series, the Dan Taylor spy novels, the English Assassins series, and a number of standalone crime thrillers.

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