Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 12/07/2020

Well lookee here. Almost two weeks of July over and done with now too. Where the heck is time going? Then again it has been a very strange year as it feels like only five minutes since it was January 1st and we were all hopeful of a bumper year ahead, and yet million years since I was making plans to attend the Orenda Roadshows at the end of February. Little did I realise that that trip would likely be my only vacation time in 2020!

How are we all? Hope you’ve had a good week. The weather has been pretty miserable around here up until this past weekend. Funny hi the grey returns the minute the work alarms goes off though … Weather aside, I’ve been pretty busy at work so I’ve not really had my head in the reading game and only managed a pitiful three books this week. One of those was audio and I was already half way through it as well … In my defence, I have had to walk away from one book, not necessarily the books fault but because of where my head was at during the week. It was a slower paced book and I just needed something that was going to really reel me in and not give me time to contemplate the many overdue tasks I have in the day job. Rather than continue on and not give the book fair focus I have moved it down my reading list and will come back to it later in the year. That cost me the best part of two days so i’m now on catch up. I guess we all have moments like that. My problems are nowhere near as awful as many folks I know but still, my brain has takena. pounding this week, no doubt about it.

Colleagues of the day

It’s not all bad though as I’ve had some absolutely brilliant post. First up was a proof copy of A Song of Isolation by Michael J. Malone that came through the door on Monday. Thursday saw my finished copy of The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith arrive, so now I have the full book set of webook, hardback and paperback. On Friday my long awaited hardback edition of The Mist by Ragnar Jonasson arrived, delayed by the stupid coronavirus, but with a big thumbs up to Goldsboro Books who did not let that stop them getting the copies signed. And on Saturday I received a surprise early delivery of Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds, which isn’t actually released in paperback until July 23rd! Bless you Hive.

I had no new Netgalley books – I know. Most unlike me. I also didn’t purchase any new books although I did receive my pre-orders of Somebody’s Daughter by carol Wyer, and The Seven Doors by Agnes Ravatn. And that was it. A quiet week. Oh – well aside from the delivery of my Flower & White order – meringue bars and some special meringue drops where some of the proceeds go to charity.

Books I have read

Lies by TM Logan

Joe Lynch is just an ordinary happily-married man – until one split-second decision throws his life into crisis.

When Joe sees his wife having a confrontation with family friend Ben, it’s the first hint that she’s been lying to him – about everything. And when he steps in to protect her, a harmless shove knocks Ben to the ground. And he’s not moving…

Gripping, unputdownable and packed with twists and turns from the first page to the very last, this stunning psychological thriller will make you question whether we can ever really trust the ones we love . . .

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

MIDNIGHT: In an area of urban wasteland where cats hunt and foxes shriek, a girl is watching …

When Saffyre Maddox was ten, something terrible happened, and she’s carried the pain of it ever since. The man who she thought was going to heal her didn’t, and now she hides, learning his secrets, invisible in the shadows.

Owen Pick is invisible too. He’s never had a girlfriend; he’s never even had a friend.
Nobody sees him. Nobody cares.

But when Saffyre goes missing from opposite his house on Valentine’s night, suddenly the whole world is looking at Owen.

Accusing him, holding him responsible for Saffyre’s disappearance …

INVISIBLE GIRL: an engrossing, twisty story of how we look in the wrong places for bad people while the real predators walk among us in plain sight.

One Eye Open by Paul Finch


A high-speed crash leaves a man and woman clinging to life.

Neither of them carries ID. Their car has fake number plates.
In their luggage: a huge amount of cash.
Who are they? What are they hiding?
And what were they running from?


DS Lynda Hagen, once a brilliant detective, gave it all up to raise her family.
But something about this case reignites a spark in her…


What begins as an investigation soon becomes an obsession.
And it will lead her to a secret so dangerous that soon there will be nowhere left to hide.


Despite having a poor week reading wise, we were busy enough on the blog. Recap below:

#Review – The Secret child – Caroline Mitchell
#Review – Good Samaritans – Will Carver
#Review – Bedlam – LJ Ross
#Review – Left For Dead – Caroline Mitchell
#Review – Blood Red City – Rod Reynolds
#Review – Somebody’s Daughter – Carol Wyer
#Review – Thirty One Bones – Morgan Cry

The week ahead is pretty full too, although only two blog tours this week. Turn to Dust by Rachel Amphlett, the latest Kay Hunter thriller, and Deadly Vengeance by OMJ Ryan, the next in the Jane Phillips series.

Well I hope you all have a brilliant week. We’re expecting it to be sunny all week this week, and I only have to make it until Friday then I have a nice four day weekend to look forward to. Mostly it will be spent catching up on blogmin, no doubt, but it will make a change from work! I also hope to catch back on some reading. Here’s to a more productive week and the sun bring back my reading mojo.

Have a fabulous week everyone. I’ll see you same time same place next Monday!

Jen x