Final Verdict by Sally Rigby

Today it is my great pleasure to join the blog tour for Final Verdict by Sally Rigby, book six in the Cavendish and Walker series. True to form this is the first one I have read, so how did I fare joining the series so far in? Read on to find out:

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About the Book

The judge has spoken……everyone must die.

When a killer starts murdering lawyers in a prestigious law firm, and every lead takes them to a dead end, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself grappling for a motive.  

What links these deaths, and why use a lethal injection?

Alongside forensic psychologist, Dr Georgina Cavendish, they close in on the killer, while all the time trying to not let their personal lives get in the way of the investigation.

For fans of Rachel Abbott, Mark Dawson and M A Comley, Final Verdict is the sixth in the Cavendish & Walker series. A fast paced murder mystery which will keep you guessing.

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My Thoughts

This is the first book I have read in the Walker and Cavendish series, and although I’d probably have a bit more insight into the characters having read the first few books, I don’t think it is strictly necessary in order to understand the dynamic in play here, or to get the measure of the characters involved.

We join Walker at a difficult time in her personal life as she finds out something about her mother which plays on her mind during the investigation. In that sense if really helped me get a perspective of her, her family set up and her personality, rather then being all business and investigation. Cavendish also has a difficult decision to make and, even in. the short time I’ve known her, she seems to have made an impulsive and somewhat rash choice, in my opinion of course. None of this plays to the heart of the investigation, but it did distract both of the characters a little, whilst allowing new readers to he series, like me, understand them and what drives them a whole lot more.

The case itself if a perplexing one. A solicitor found head of a heart attack that may not be as innocent as it first seems. When it becomes clear that someone is targeting the firm he worked for, it is up to our intrepid duo to discover who and why. For a firm of solicitors I was surprised by how little assistance they seemed to want to give the police, their responses to questioning limited, leaving more than one of them seeming to have certainly the right personality to be capable of murder. But then, perhaps that is just the natural mistrust that comes from knowing all aspects of the law that made them reticent in sharing information. Certainly it was hard to feel sympathy towards the first victim the more we go to know him, but whilst the reasons for the murders were kept well hidden until near the end of the book, a few chapters told from the killers perspective do give the readers some kind of inkling.

This was a very quick read for me, completed in a few hours. I was intrigued by the story and wanted to learn more about the characters involved. Can’t help thinking that aside from a minor victory scored in this book, life at work for George Cavendish may be about to get a little choppy. I’d certainly be interested to catch up on what has gone before and seeing what is to come next for this duo, and if you like a quick, character driven read, this is probably a good series for you.

About the Author

Sally Rigby was born in Northampton, in the UK. She has always had the travel bug, and after living in both Manchester and London, eventually moved overseas. From 2001 she has lived with her family in New Zealand (apart from five years in Australia), which she considers to be the most beautiful place in the world.

After writing young adult fiction for many years, under a pen name, Sally decided to move into crime fiction. Her Cavendish & Walker series brings together two headstrong, and very different, women – DCI Whitney Walker, and forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish. Sally has a background in education, and has always loved crime fiction books, films and TV programmes. She has a particular fascination with the psychology of serial killers.

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