Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 21/06/20

The twenty-second of June. Where in the heck is time going? Six months on Thursday and it’s Christmas. No wonder all those pesky Christmas book blog tour invites are starting to appear. I wonder what the rest of 2020 is going to bring us. More books in my case, obviously, but aside from that …

How are you all? Have you had a good week? I was back at work for four days (full week this week and I want to cry) so didn’t have as much time with the books. Still managed to be fairly productive though so I can’t complaint. Plans already afoot for what we want to achieve in 2021 and some absolutely cracking bookish deliveries this week to keep me happy. Life is good – well as good as it can be in the current circumstances. And I went on lots of walks and made another mousse cake. Go me.

Colleagues of the day

It’s been quite the week book wise for me, can’t deny it. Not only have I read some crackers, I’ve received quite a few lovely tomes in the post too. Firstly my signed copy of The Curator by MW Craven arrived from Goldsboro Books. On the same day I also received a bumper package of books from Orenda – Hinton Hollow Death Trip by Will Carver; Betrayal by Lilja Sigurdardottir and The Seven Doors by Agnes Ravatn. I was a squealy little blogger that day! And on Friday my signed copy of The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith also arrived so I am well chuffed. And as if that is not enough, I found out that I am auto-approved on Netgalley by Little Brown and I could not be happier. I’m not going to abuse that honour but I am loving the fact I now have access to some absolutely cracking titles if I want them.

Three Netgalley titles this week. The Minders by John Marrs; Private Moscow by Adam Hamdy and James Patterson and Cry Baby by Mark Billingham. I *might* have purchased and/or preordered a few books too. Sins of the Father by fellow blogger and debut novelist Sharon Bairden; Winterkill by Ragnar Jonasson – THE BRAND NEW DARK ICELAND NOVEL!!! (yes – I am a bit excited); Yours Until Death, The Writing on the Wall and The Consorts of Death by Gunnar Staalesen. I;ve also managed to track down paperback copies of Kjell Ola Dahl’s Oslo Detective Series The Last Fix, The Man In The Window and Lethal Investments. I also pre-ordered a signed copy of Cry Baby from Goldsboro Books.

Books I have read

How to Disappear by Gillian McAllister

You can run, you can hide, but can you disappear for good?

Lauren’s daughter Zara witnessed a terrible crime. But speaking up comes with a price, and when Zara’s identity is revealed online, it puts a target on her back.

The only choice is to disappear.

From their family, their friends, even from Lauren’s husband.

No goodbyes. Just new names, new home, new lives.

One mistake – a text, an Instagram like – could bring their old lives crashing into the new.

As Lauren will learn, disappearing is easy.

Staying hidden is much harder . . .

Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear


In 1998, Maryanne Doyle disappeared and Dad knew something about it?
Maryanne Doyle was never seen again.


In 1998, Dad lied about knowing Maryanne Doyle.
Alice Lapaine has been found strangled near Dad’s pub.
Dad was in the local area for both Maryanne Doyle’s disappearance and Alice Lapaine’s murder – FACT

Trust cuts both ways . . . what do you do when it’s gone?

The Shadow Friend by Alex North

The victim was his friend. So was the murderer.

Twenty-five years ago, troubled teenager Charlie Crabtree murdered his friend and classmate.

For Paul Adams, it’s a day he’ll never forget.

He’s never forgiven himself for his part in what happened. He’s never gone back home. But when his elderly mother has a fall, it’s finally time to stop running.

It’s not long before things start to go wrong. A copycat killer has struck. Paul’s mother insists there’s something in the house.

And someone is following him.

Which reminds Paul of the most unsettling part of what awful day.

The fact that afterwards, Charlie Crabtree was never seen again . . .

The Minders by John Marrs

Five strangers guard our secrets.
Only four can be trusted…

In the 21st century, information is king. But computers can be hacked and files can be broken into – so a unique government initiative has been born. Five ordinary people have been selected to become Minders – the latest weapon in thwarting cyberterrorism. Transformed by a revolutionary medical procedure, the country’s most classified information has been taken offline and turned into genetic code implanted inside their heads.

Together, the five know every secret – the truth behind every government lie, conspiracy theory and cover up. In return, they’re given the chance to leave their problems behind and a blank slate to start their lives anew.

But not everyone should be trusted, especially when they each have secrets of their own they’ll do anything to protect…

Four books. Not bad going again. One was an audio – i’m getting quite into listening while I’m walking, but the others were actual reads. Busy enough week on the blog as we celebrated two Orenda anniversaries and Varg Veum week. Recap below:

#Review – Snowblind – Ragnar Jonasson
#Review – We Shall Inherit The Wind – Gunnar Staalesen
#Review – Where Roses Never Die – Gunnar Staalesen
#Review – Wolves In The Dark – Gunnar Staalesen
#Review – Big Sister – Gunnar Staalesen
#Review – Wolves at the Doors – Gunnar Staalesen
#Preview – Fallen Angels – Gunnar Staalesen

We’ve got quite an Orendafest on the blog this week too with reviews of three Orenda titles, including the blog tour review of The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith, a book that is sure to resonate with readers, if not completely freak you out … Also a blog tour review of Final Verdict by Sally Rigby.

So that is me done for another week. Back to work and then back to the books. With some walking on the side, of course. Lord knows what this week will bring but hopefully sunshine and positive thoughts. And books. I’ll settle for some of those too.

Happy reading everyone. See you on the other side.

Jen x

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  1. So, so, so jealous of “The Seven Doors”. I requested it from Orenda, but no luck as yet…
    Have a great week Jen. Once again, you’ve amassed some incredible titles. 👍📚❤🐈

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