Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 24/05/20

Morning everyone and, if you are in the UK, happy Bank Holiday Monday. Don’t know about you guys but I am looking forward to this extra day off. Need the rest lol. Had some lovely morning (and evening) walks this past week and so lovely to see all the baby birds out and about now. The canal is teeming with activity and I think all of us nasty human beings being held at bay has been a good think as far as the wildlife has been concerned at least.

So how has your week been? I’ve been working, reading, sleeping and walking in varying quantities. Dieting is out of the window. No excuses – I am simply being a pig – but what can you do. At least I am still trying to be a little active and eating occasionally healthy meals in between all the rubbish so it could be worse.

And apparently I’ve been so distracted that I completely forgot this weekend was my blogiversary. Whoops. Oh well. I’m only four. Not a big one haha. Had plans to celebrate. Missed them. Will make up for it at some point though. I think lol.

Happy Birthday to Me

My book buying is up and down like a whores drawers and so has my reading been this week to be fair. In my defence I was reading one book which was quite a heavy read, quite dark and one I kind of needed to a walk away from a few times, but still one which had me completely absorbed. I can’t say I enjoyed it, for reasons that will become apparent if you read it, but it was a very good book, just … dark.

Colleagues of the Week

What was it? Well read on and you can probably work it out for yourselves as I really didn’t read much this week. Bought, or at least pre-ordered, a few books though. An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer, first in a new series out next year; Jeremiah’s Bell by Denzil Meyrick; and What Will Burn by James Oswald, the next Inspector McLean, also out next year. I also pre-ordered a signed copy of The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter from Goldsboro Books. Three books from Netgalley this week – The Last Resort by Susi Holliday; Dead Perfect by Noelle Holten and Shadow Sands by Robert Bryndza.

Received some fabulous books this week – some purchased, some book post. Bought books were The Creak On The Stairs by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir signed special edition and my order of Dead Wrong by Noelle Holten turned up too. Book post wise I received Jeremiah’s Bell by Denzil Meyrick from Polygon; The Divine Boys by Laura Restrepo from Amazon Crossing and FMcM Associates and The Safe Place by Anna Downes from Hodder & Stoughton.

Books I have read

The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter

He watches.

A woman runs alone in the woods. She convinces herself she has no reason to be afraid, but she’s wrong. A predator is stalking the women of Grant County. He lingers in the shadows, until the time is just right to snatch his victim.

He waits.

A decade later, the case has been closed. The killer is behind bars. But then another young woman is brutally attacked and left for dead, and the MO is identical.

He takes.

Although the original trail has gone cold – memories have faded, witnesses have disappeared – agent Will Trent and forensic pathologist Sara Linton must re-open the cold case. But the clock is ticking, and the killer is determined to find his perfect silent wife….

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

When Rowan comes across the advert, it seems too good to be true: a live-in nanny position, with an extremely generous salary.

What she doesn’t know is that she’s stepping into a nightmare – one that will end with her in a cell awaiting trial for murder.

She knows she’s made mistakes.
But she’s not guilty – at least not of murder.
Which means someone else is…

Final Verdict by Sally Rigby

The judge has spoken……everyone must die.

When a killer starts murdering lawyers in a prestigious law firm, and every lead takes them to a dead end, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself grappling for a motive.  

What links these deaths, and why use a lethal injection?

Alongside forensic psychologist, Dr Georgina Cavendish, they close in on the killer, while all the time trying to not let their personal lives get in the way of the investigation.

For fans of Rachel Abbott, Mark Dawson and M A Comley, Final Verdict is the sixth in the Cavendish & Walker series. A fast paced murder mystery which will keep you guessing.

So that was it. Three books. Well, three and a bit as I’ve started the next one, but not quite finished. Busy enough week on the blog. Recap below:

#Review – The Shrine – LJ Ross
#Review – The Lion Tamer Who Lost – Louise Beech
#Review – The Blood Is Still – Douglas Skelton
#Review – The Creak On The Stairs – Eva Björg Ægisdóttir
#Review – The Devil You Know – Emma Kavanagh

The week ahead is a mixture of reviews but no blog tours. I know! Who knew that was possible? I’ll be working, walking and reading as usual. Hopefully the weather stays in my favour for the waking part. I can’t actually it will be June next week. I’m not sure I can remember what a time not in lock down feels like anymore. I will likely be in a sulk by Friday as I should. have been starting a two week holiday in Ryan country then. Sadly not to be, but things could be a lot worse so I will suck it up.

Stay safe, have a fabulous week full of books and fun things and I will see you next week.

Jen x

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