Rewind, recap: Weekly Update w/e 03/05/20

Another week, another walk along the canal. Not a lot else to do around here right now and the weather was pretty perfect on Saturday to be fair. Less so on Sunday but I still made it out anyway. My route is three miles long give or take a few extra metres, so that’s not too bad really considering I am largely inactive for the rest of the week. I caved on Sunday though, and called into the petrol station on my way past to grab a takeaway Costa Coffee from the machine. Well it has been seven weeks since my last one and I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms like you would not believe.

So how has your week been? Mine was largely uneventful. Walked. Worked. Drank dodgy instant coffee. Ate too much food. Spent a lot of time on the exercise bike trying to counteract eating too much food. Ate more food which counteracted the effects of being on the exercise bike … The usual. Oh and bought, or preordered a few books and lots of Funko Pop! characters that I really didn’t need. I so need to get back to work properly so that I have something to distract me in the day. Other than that it is a game of watching and waiting and hoping that things in the outside world continue to improve, however slowly that might be. It’s a weird feeling being stuck in the house all of the time, but O have much to be grateful for, and I can’t forget that fact. So many people I know are being affected by this pandemic and it is hard to watch from afar, but all we can do is stay in and do our bit to hopefully bring this whole thing gradually nearer its conclusion.

So … My colleagues of the day continue to provide some amusement to my Facebook friends. They make bugger all contribution to my working day if I am honest but what can you do. The cats aren’t much better, largely disinterested in my being home now they are so used to it all. This week it was the turn of the three wise Hedgehogs, Ceeno, Spekeno and Hearno, plus Jack Torrance (I was in an MDK mood Thursday) and John McClane on Friday. Because, why not?

Bit of a mixed week on the old book front. A few Netgalley approvals and a mixed bag of pre-orders. From Netgalley I received approval for Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell; The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter; How To Disappear by Gillian McAllister; and Shed No Tears by Caz Frear. Purchase wise I bought Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah as I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews of the book; and I’ve thrown in preorders for The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman; and as yet untitled Val McDermid book; and The Embalmer, the next book in the Tattoo Thief series from Alison Belsham. I’ve also preordered the special edition hardback copies of Hinton Hollow Death Trip by Will Carver and The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith from Goldsboro Books. Well – I mean, as a self respecting Orenda Books collector you have to, right?

Books I have read

The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Vespas by David F.Ross

The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Vespas is the timeless story of the quest for pop immortality. When a young Ayrshire band miraculously hits the big time with the smash hit record of 1984, international stardom beckons. That’s despite having a delusional teenage manager propelled by a dark, malign voice in his head…

Can Max Mojo’s band of talented social misfits repeat the success and pay back the mounting debts accrued from an increasingly agitated cartel of local gangsters? Or will they have to kidnap Boy George and hope for the best?

Featuring much-loved characters from the international bestseller, The Last Days of Disco, this is an absurdly funny, riotously ambitious and deeply human story of small-town rivalries, music, confused adolescence and, above all, hope, from one of Scotland’s finest new voices.

The Last One To See Her by Mark Tilbury

He says he is innocent. So why did he lie?

Mathew Hillock was the last person to see eleven-year-old Jodie Willis alive. When her dead body turns up four days later in his garden shed, the police think he’s guilty of her murder. So do most people in the town. But there’s no DNA evidence to link him to the crime.  

Battling the weight of public opinion and mental illness due to a childhood head trauma, he sinks into a deep depression.

Can Mathew do what the police failed to do and find evidence linking the real killer to the crime? The Last One to See Her is a terrifying story of what happens when you’re accused of a crime and no one believes you are innocent.

Bones In The River by Zoë Sharp

Driving on a country road late at night,
you hit a child.
There are no witnesses.
You have everything to lose.
What do you do?

The traditional Appleby Horse Fair hosts the largest gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in Europe.

The sudden influx of more than 40,000 visitors into the small Lakeland town has always caused its share of problems, with strained relations between off-comers and locals.

But it’s also known as a good time to settle old scores.

This year, the Fair brings with it with the discovery of two bodies near the River Eden—one very recent and another a long time buried.

As CSI Grace McColl and Detective Nick Weston search for answers, old secrets are revealed, old wounds are reopened, and tensions threaten to erupt into violence.

While someone much closer to home is trying to get away with murder…

That was my lot for this week. Three doesn’t seem like many but I do need to remember that I am also still working full time, even if it is from home. Busy enough week on the blog though – recap below:

#Review – Faithless – Kjell Ola Dahl
#Review – The Ice Swimmer – Kjell Ola Dahl
#Review – Afraid of the Light – Short Story Anthology
#Review – The Courier – Kjell Ola Dahl
#Review – Sister – Kjell Ola Dahl

We’ve a bit of a mixture of reviews for you this week and just the two blog tours. First up, on Friday, is The Soul Killer by Ross Greenwood and on Sunday The Sideman by Caro Ramsay. I have some rather ambitious reading plans this week so I am hoping to make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend. If you don’t see me online much, that is why …

I hope you have a lovely safe and bookish week and I will catch you next time around.

Jen x