Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 05/04/20

I’ve decided that a trip down memory lane is in order. Not for any other reason that I think this is the closest I’m going to get to a road trip for a while and i’d rather wallow in fond memories than doom and gloom. It’s been another funny old week where the highlight has been my ability to find meat and bananas with little effort whilst out shopping on Saturday. It’s the little things, right?

Any way. How has your week been? I’ve been quite lucky in that I found a few good books to keep me focused this week and slowly but surely my reading mojo is returning. I mean, it’s not perfect yet and I’ve been mixing things up by also watching TV (watched the new Lion King this weekend – it was okay.) Survived a full week of working from home. Two down – ten more to go maybe? Who knows right? Got my Wii Fit working so I will be partaking in some step aerobics alongside some inside bike rides to make sure my muscles don’t turn to complete mush through lack of action and got a little dispirited driving past a petrol station where prices are the lowest they have been in years but I don’t need any petrol … Been amusing myself with colleague of the day at ‘work’ though …

And I bought some books. Well … I made some pre-orders but it’s the same thing. The Curator by MW Craven, book three in the Poe and Tilly series, which I preordered from Goldsboro Books. Not out until JUne but as I’ll be saving shed loads on not having takeaway coffee, I think I deserve it. Picked up The Girl Beneath the Sea by Andrew Mayne as a Kindle First. I also preordered Stolen Children by Michael Wood and Her Final Hour by Rachel Amphlett.

Three books from Netgalley – don’t judge me 😜. All Fall Down by MJ Arldidge (love the Helen Grace Series). The Devil You Know by Emma Kavanagh and The Staycation by MIchele Gorman.

Books I have read

Scarred by Thomas Enger

An elderly woman is found dead in a nursing home. Bjarne Brogeland, who heads up the investigation, soon realises that they are on the trail of a meticulous killer who has developed a keen taste for revenge. A killer who has only just begun…

Trine Juul-Osmundsen, Norway’s Secretary of State and Henning Juul’s sister, is accused of sexually harassing a young male politician. As the allegations cause a media frenzy, Trine receives an anonymous threat telling her to resign. If she doesn’t, the truth about what she really did that night will be revealed.

Scarred reporter Henning Juul, finds himself torn between the two high profile cases. He wants to help his estranged sister, but as he digs into their past, he discovers memories that haunt them both. Memories of a broken home. Memories of a dead father.

As the two cases collide, both their worlds threaten to fall apart.

Scarred is the third novel in the acclaimed Henning Juul series, following Burned and Pierced, which was shortlisted for the 2013 Petrona Award.

The Mist by Ragnar Jónasson

1987. An isolated farm house in the east of Iceland.

The snowstorm should have shut everybody out. But it didn’t.

The couple should never have let him in. But they did.

An unexpected guest, a liar, a killer. Not all will survive the night. And Detective Hulda will be haunted forever . . .

Sister by Kjell Ola Dahl

Suspended from duty, Detective Frølich is working as a private investigator, when his girlfriend’s colleague asks for his help with a female asylum seeker, who the authorities are about to deport. She claims to have a sister in Norway, and fears that returning to her home country will mean instant death.

Frølich quickly discovers the whereabouts of the young woman’s sister, but things become increasingly complex when she denies having a sibling, and Frølich is threatened off the case by the police. As the body count rises, it becomes clear that the answers lie in an old investigation, and the mysterious sister, who is now on the run…

A dark, chilling and up-to-the-minute Nordic Noir thriller, Sister is also a tense and well-plotted murder mystery with a moving tragedy at its heart, cementing Kjell Ola Dahl as one of the greatest crime writers of our generation.

A busy enough week on the blog – roundup below:

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#Review – Blood Song – Johana Gustawsson
#Review – We Begin at the End – Chris Whitaker
#Review – The Secret Admirer – Carol Wyer
#Review – Strangers – C.L. Taylor

So that was the week that was. Uneventful but full of books, Just the. way I like it. WE’ve a few more reviews and such coming up this week (as you do) and on Thursday I’m on the blog tour for I Am Dust by Louise Beech. Cannot wait.

So that is all from me. Stay happy, stay inside, stay safe.

Jen x