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Today I pass the blogging baton back to Mandie who has a blog tour review of East Side Hustler, book two in the Alex Cohen series by Leopold Borstinski. Thanks to Emma Welton of damppebbles Blog Tours for inviting us to join in. Here’s what the book is all about:

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About the Book

Alex lived through the war, but will he survive the peace?

Jewish gang member, Alex comes back from the Great War almost destroyed by the horrors he has seen. When he is plucked from certain death by an old friend, he commits to making so much money he’ll never know that agony again.

But the route to the top is fraught with danger and every time he helps one of his powerful friends like Al Capone, he acquires more enemies who want to see him dead. When organised crime financier, Arnold Rothstein dies, the turmoil caused by his loss sets in train a chain of events which means Alex must once more fight for his life. How far would you go to attain your American dream?

The second book in the Alex Cohen series is a violent historical novel, which tears through the Prohibition years of the Jewish New York mob. Leopold Borstinski’s gripping crime noir pierces the heart of every reader like a bullet from Alex’s sniper rifle.

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Mandie’s Thoughts

East Side Hustler is the second book in the Alex Cohen series, and I am going to start this review by saying how much I am enjoying reading these books. They are not my normal type of read but having made the decision to sometimes push myself out of my reading comfort zone I was lucky enough to be given the chance to read the first in the series and now find myself hooked.

In this book Alex has returned from fighting in WW1 and is struggling to adjust back into civilian life. He is taken back in by his old boss Waxey Gordon and at the same time reconnects with Sarah, a woman who he had started to form a relationship with prior to his departure. It is not long before he is back with his old crew and once again helping to run all the gambling and prostitution rings within the Bowery.

Alex has returned from the war haunted by what he saw and experienced and a little bit disillusioned with his reasons for fighting in the first place. As he slowly gets back to normal his ambitions surface once again and it is not long before he comes to the attention of some of the big players in the area. His talents are called upon both in Canada and Detroit as he helps to set up and maintain the alcohol smuggling rings that try to outsmart the prohibition officers and he rubs shoulders with the likes of Al Capone. It’s only when his family are threatened that Alex takes stock of his life…but is it all too late?

Despite Alex essentially being a thug for hire, I do like his character. He is living his life in the only way he knows how and as the story progresses, he feels that he is providing a good life for his family even if at times his actions put them in danger. In fact it is Sarah that actually brings out his more human side. With the action taking place in the early 20’s we are now in the era or Prohibition and all that it brought with it regarding business in New York both legitimate and illegitimate. Like with The Bowery Slugger, East Side Hustler does not shy away from the gruesome gang violence around at the time, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the book just wouldn’t be right without it. With they way the book ended, I am looking forward to the next chapter in Alex’s life to see what is in store for him.

About the Author

Leopold Borstinski is an independent author whose past careers have included financial journalism, business management of financial software companies, consulting and product sales and marketing, as well as teaching.

There is nothing he likes better so he does as much nothing as he possibly can. He has travelled extensively in Europe and the US and has visited Asia on several occasions. Leopold holds a Philosophy degree and tries not to drop it too often.

He lives near London and is married with one wife, one child and no pets.

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