Quick Review: The Second Hostage by Jeffery Deaver

Today I’m sharing a quick review of a Colter Shaw short story from Jeffery Deaver, The Second Hostage, that bridges the gap between the first book The Never Game, and the upcoming thriller, The Goodbye Man. I thoroughly enjoyed The Never Game and so these short stories are a brilliant filler that keeps me wanting more. Here’s what this book is about:

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About the Book

Two men. One gun. No escape.

A gripping Colter Shaw short story from the master of suspense, with a twist you won’t see coming.

A captive held at gun point.
In search of a missing woman in Kansas, unique investigator Colter Shaw finds himself in the middle of a violent kidnapping that sends shockwaves through the rural community.
An investigator running out of time.
Someone has taken a local man captive and barricaded themselves in a lake-side property. The phone line has been cut and Shaw is the only person with a chance of getting the innocent victim out alive.
A twist nobody saw coming.
But before long the case takes an unexpected turn, and Shaw begins to suspect that the simple kidnapping has a darker purpose – one that might end with murder…

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My Thoughts

This one short sharp shot of Shaw and a cracking case it is too. Although his work as a reward seeker has not brought him into town for this reason, Shaw soon finds himself assisting the Sheriff’s department with a hostage situation, one which if handled badly has the real possibility of becoming deadly.

I really loved The Never Game, protagonist Colter Shaw showing himself to be a no-nonsense, clear thinking man of action, one for whom the calculation of probabilities is every much the reason he manages to stay alive as all of the skills he learned as a child. Don;t get me wrong, alongside the smarts, he knows how to handle himself, but violence is a last resort option for Shaw, and this is never more obvious than in this short story.

It’s hard to say much without giving the game away, but for a man who only piled into the Sheriff’s office to see if it was possible to view the town CCTV footage, he soons adjusts to this new normal, finding the clues that others miss and putting himself in harm’s way to save the eponymous hostage. Although short, the story packs a punch with surprises, smiles and shocks all packed into the narrative in a tight, pacy and thoroughly satisfying way.

I cannot wait for the next full length book. Colter Shaw is a guy I could happily read about for years to come. And this short is a great way to get to know him too.

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