Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 23/02/20

Another week over and out and for a few reasons I’m glad to see the back of it to be honest. Still – least said, soonest mended as they say. It wasn’t all bad though as in spite of Storm chuffing Dennis’s attempts to scupper my plans last weekend, and the aftermath of all that excess wind blowing in from the other side of the Atlantic, Mandie and I still managed to make it to a windy and wet Edinburgh for the launch of Bury Them Deep by James Oswald. It seems to be a pattern now – travelling to Edinburgh for a James Oswald event and getting held at Oxenholme while they check the line ahead for flooding … Happened in August too.

The event itself was brilliant – TF Muir and James Oswald having a frank and open discussion about their latest books, Dead Still and Bury Them Deep. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the works of TF Muir before, but the moment he mentioned the word gruesome, I was sold and I’ve now bought book one in the DCI Andy Gilchrist series, Eye for and Eye. Thankfully, during the talk, James Oswald answered one of my queries from my review earlier this week. It is just a dodgy internet search history and a combination of the legend of Sawny Bean and random Twitter chats about dogging (!) that led to the story idea. Apparently.

TF Muir and James Oswald at Toppings Edinburgh

Some very lovely post this week – not all of it actual books. First up was a lovely mug to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Silent Scream by Angela Marsons. A big thanks to the folks at Bookouture for that one. And I also received a copy of Sunny Days and Sea Breezes by Carole Matthews, courtesy of Sphere.

No new Netgalley books this week – I’m learning (sort of). Three purchases though (aside from the signed copy of Bury Them Deep). Killing Mind, the latest Kim Stone book by Angela Marsons; Eye for an Eye by TF Muir and Still Waters by David Mark.

Books I have read

The Donor – Clare Mackintosh

She gave you everything. But what does she want in return?

When Lizzie’s daughter Meg is given a life-saving heart transplant, Lizzie feels hugely grateful to the nameless donor. Then she receives a letter from the donor’s mother, Karen, asking to meet, and it seems like the least she can do.

But as soon as Karen is welcomed into their lives, Lizzie feels something isn’t right. And before long, she can’t help but worry that by inviting Karen in, she might have put Meg in danger . . .

A Fresh Start – Various Authors

From wronged wives to nosy neighbours, from distant dads to new-found family, from secrets to lies, fresh starts to false endings – and everything in between…

A collection of brilliant short stories from the best writers around.

This collections contains original stories from Fanny Blake, Louise Candlish, Mike Gayle, Mari Hannah, Sophie Kinsella, Jojo Moyes, Adele Parks, Ian Rankin, Mahsuda Snaith and Keith Stuart.

The Devil Wore Black – Mark L. Fowler

November 2003. When a priest is found crucified, following the desecration of local churches, hysterical media coverage focuses on terrorism, and a satanic cult operating out in the wilds of North Staffordshire. Panic grips the city. DCI Tyler and DS Mills are under pressure as the toxic atmosphere deepens.

One line of enquiry, involving historic allegations against the murdered priest, is close to home for Tyler and threatens to tip him over the edge. But Mills has a hunch that could lead the investigation in a different direction, until a serious complaint is made against him. The investigation appears to have stalled, when a second ritual murder is discovered. The pressure to find the killer mounts, and as winter closes in the detectives find themselves pushed to the limits.

The Devil Wore Black is the third book in the acclaimed Tyler and Mills series. It can also be read as a standalone crime novel.

The Unbroken – Alex Caan

Millie didn’t get time to think. The car door was pulled open and she was dragged out, her screams loud and raw, as she kicked and fought. She called out for Oscar, again and again, screaming for help.

But he never came.

It was the wedding of the year. Millie Beaumont marrying billionaire playboy Oscar Hayat, the eyes of the world watching.

But the dream turns into a nightmare when Millie and Oscar are brutally abducted while on honeymoon. Millie is killed, her body dumped in London. Oscar is still

Enter DS Moomy Khan and DI Sarah Heaton – not your typical police officers. Moomy is running from her own troubled past, while Sarah is having to live with the hard choices she has made. Yet they will stop at nothing to find Millie’s murderers and track down Oscar. Only a family as high profile as the Hayats have enemies lurking in every corner – have they taken the ultimate revenge, or is someone else behind the death and kidnapping?

And can Moomy and Sarah find Oscar – before time runs out and he suffers the same fate as his wife?

The first book in the gripping, fast-paced new Khan and Heaton crime series, The Unbroken will thrill fans of A.A. Dhand, Angela Marsons and Robert Bryndza.

Four books technically, but two of them are only really short stories so I’ll count them as one. Not bad given the travelling etc so I’ll take it. We had a full week on the blog – recap below:

#Review – Bury Them Deep – James Oswald
#Review – Overkill – Vanda Symon
#Review – Death. Deserved – Thomas Enger and Jørn Lier Horst
#Review – Silent Scream – Angela Marsons
#Review – Grace Is Gone – Emily Elgar

The week ahead is also full, a mixture of reviews and recaps ending with a blog tour review of Liar Liar the latest Grace Allendale thriller from Mel Sherratt.

I’m on my travels again this week. It is finally time for the Orenda Roadshows and I have my tickets all booked. I’ll be attempting to keep on top of writing up all of the events (attempting being the operative word) so wish me luck. I’ll also be praying that rain does not stop play but we will see. Train travel is great for blogging productivity … as long as the trains are actually running!

Have a fabulously bookish week all. Hope that the weather improves wherever you are and, failing that, that you have some dang good books to keep you occupied. My travel reads are already planned and they look excellent!