Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 02/02/20

Well what a week that was. Only three days at work but they were plenty busy. Thursday and Friday off as Mandie and I had better places to be … namely Edinburgh for the launch of A Dark Matter by Doug Johnstone. Doug was in conversation with Val McDermid, where they talked all things books, inspiration, character development and music. Did you know that The Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers have played at Glastonbury? 😉I didn’t take many picture as I am mostly hopeless, but I did get a signed book, so that’s a bonus! Managed a bit of a walk in Holyrood Park on Friday as well to blow away the cobwebs.

I was a very, very lucky blogger that night too. The lovely Karen Sullivan gave me proof copies of The Creak on the Stairs by Eva Bjöor Ægisdottir, Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds and The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith. Can’t wait to tuck in (In fact I’ve already devoured TCOTS).

Managed to get a lot of blogmin done this weekend and so all of my post basics are prepped for the whole of March – go me right? I’ve tried to resist on the book purchase front and was doing rather well to be fair until I spotted a book I hadn’t bought and realised that this, and one of the sequels, was on offer. Well I am in Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes so it would be rude not to buy it, right? And as I have book two, Ruin Beach I really needed book three, Burnt Island to complete the set. Obviously my self imposed Netgalley ban was only broken when I accidentally clicked on a book I forgot I was auto approved for. Am now looking forward to reading The Split by Sharon Bolton. Whoops 😉My signed copy of The Other People by Cj Tudor arrived from Goldsboro Books in the week and I came home to a spot of #bookpost too courtesy of John Murray – Big Girl, Small Town by Michelle Gallen. Pretty good week all in.

Books I have Read

Grace Is Gone – Emily Elgar

Meg and her daughter Grace are the most beloved family in Ashford, the lynchpin that holds the community together.

So when Meg is found brutally murdered and her daughter missing, the town is rocked by the crime. Not least because Grace has been sick for years – and may only have days to live.

Who would murder a mother who sacrificed everything, and take a teenager away from the medication that could save her life? Everyone is searching for an answer, but sometimes the truth can kill you . . .

Containment – Vanda Symon

Dunedin’s favourite young police officer Sam Shephard is drawn into a perplexing investigation when a series of shipping containers wash up on a sleepy New Zealand beach, and a spate of unexplained deaths ensues…

Chaos reigns in the sleepy village of Aramoana on the New Zealand coast, when a series of shipping containers wash up on the beach and looting begins.

Detective Constable Sam Shephard experiences the desperation of the scavengers first-hand, and ends up in an ambulance, nursing her wounds and puzzling over an assault that left her assailant for dead.

What appears to be a clear-cut case of a cargo ship running aground soon takes a more sinister turn when a skull is found in the sand, and the body of a diver is pulled from the sea … a diver who didn’t die of drowning…

As first officer at the scene, Sam is handed the case, much to the displeasure of her superiors, and she must put together an increasingly confusing series of clues to get to the bottom of a mystery that may still have more victims…

Keep Him Close – Emily Koch


Alice’s son is dead. Indigo’s son is accused of murder.

Indigo is determined to prove her beloved Kane is innocent. Searching for evidence, she is helped by a kind stranger who takes an interest in her situation. Little does she know that her new friend has her own agenda.

Alice can’t tell Indigo who she really is. She wants to understand why her son was killed – and she needs to make sure that Indigo’s efforts to free

Kane don’t put her remaining family at risk. But how long will it take for Indigo to discover her identity? And what other secrets will come out as she digs deeper?

No one knows a son like his mother. But neither Alice nor Indigo know the whole truth about their boys, and what happened between them on that fateful night.

Keep Him Close is a dark domestic drama from an award-winning writer.

Another three books read. I’ll take that considering I went away and I don’t have the time for the audio books that I used to devour any more. Busy enough week on the blog too – recap is below:

#Review – Captivated – Jeffery Deaver
#Review – The Bird Tribunal – Agnes Ravatn
#Review – Blue Night – Simone Buchholz
#Review – The Man Who Died – Antti Tuomainen
#Review – The Murder House – Michael Wood
#Orenda Roadshow 2020 Preview – Edinburgh Recap
#Orenda Roadshow 2020 Preview – London Recap

We’ve a pretty full week ahead now. First up is the blog tour for Alice Teale Is Missing by H.A. Linskey. Later in the week, I’m on the tours for Matt Wesolowski’s Beast and The Burning Men by Will Shindler. This will be supplemented by the usual cluster of reviews and my final Orenda Roadshow preview.

Back to work and reading and pretending to diet this week. Wish me luck on all three counts! Actually, I’m looking forward to the reading part as I have three Orenda classics planned in and I cannot wait. I’m more meh about work and dieting …

Have a fabulous week everyone. Hope it is full of books and laughter. I will leave you with this fabulous find from last week’s trip to Edinburgh …

Merry Christmas …

Too soon … ? 😝


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