Captivated by Jeffery Deaver – A Colter Shaw short story

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Captivated, a Colter Shaw short story from Jeffery Deaver. I loved the character of Shaw when I read The Never Game and have been keeping an eye out for the follow up. Not sure how I missed this mini prequel which introduces the character, but I did. Made up for it now though. Here’s what it’s all about:

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About the Book

A gripping ebook short story from international bestseller Jeffery Deaver, introducing unique investigator Colter Shaw.

A unique investigator.
Colter Shaw is a career ‘reward-seeker’, making his living travelling the country and locating missing persons. So when a woman disappears, he quickly takes the case.

A missing woman.
As he investigates, he suspects that she was fleeing a bad marriage, and he follows her trail to a secret retreat in Indiana.

A dangerous case.
As events take one surprising turn after another, Shaw begins to wonder if there’s more to this mysterious woman than meets the eye.

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My Thoughts

Well this is a very quick but very welcome read. At little shy of 60 pages, it is just enough to introduce readers to the character of Colter Shaw, a man who makes his living from reward-seeking. He is not a bounty hunter, he is not a private investigator. He simply looks on cases where a reward has been offered. If he can help he will. If he is successful, he takes the reward. If he fails he walks away. Simple as that.

Now, always one for doing things arse about face, I actually read The Never Game before I read this book so I am fully aware of how Colter operates. However, if you have not read the other book then this is a great introduction to Colter’s world and to the man himself, giving you a little, but not too much, of history. Just enough to intrigue and tantalise and to show you what he is capable of. You can learn more in the full length novel, but this is a brilliant taster session.

In this short, he is engaged by a man to find his missing wife. The man is certain she has been kidnapped, Colter is less sure, but accepts the case anyway. I love the way in which Jeffery Deaver has painted his process of investigation and deduction. He’s kind of your modern day Sherlock Holmes but more savvy perhaps. Certainly a bit more of the action hero than old Sherlock too, but he uses his wits as much as his brawn and it is a brilliant combination.

I really enjoyed this book as a quick filler between novels. The really good news is that if you enjoy it too, you can get The Never Game now in ebook and hardback (paperback is due 19th March), there is another short story, The Second Hostage, out at the start of March and book two in the series, The Goodbye Man, is out in May. What more could you ask for?

About the Author

Jeffery Deaver is the Number One bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the 2011 authorised James Bond thriller, CARTE BLANCHE, three collections of short stories and a non-fiction law book. A former journalist, attorney, and folksinger, he has received or been shortlisted for numerous awards around the world, including Novel of the Year from the International Thriller Writers Association for THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND, the Steel Dagger for Best Thriller from the British Crime Writers’ Association, and the British Thumping Good Read Award. He was recently shortlisted for the ITV3 Crime Thriller Award for Best International Author.

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