Bye Bye 2019 – My Year in Books

So tonight we say goodbye to the year, and to the decade in fact, and I have mixed feelings about it all. I’m not one for great bouts of reminiscing but this has been a very odd decade for many reasons. Big changes, personally and professionally but hey ho, That’s life right? What the decade did bring me is a renewed love of books and reading, so it’s not all bad. Unless you are on the receiving end of my attempt at blogging in which case, sorry (not sorry). Just remember – that is self inflicted. I just write the stuff, ya dunna need to read it 😉.

I’m not going to do a whole long list of my reviews and link back etc as that would take far too long and I, quite frankly, can’t be arsed and would rather be reading. However, I have taken stock of what I’ve read in 2019 and created some handy recap graphics below. If you’re really interested you can peruse my menus to find the individual reviews.

It’s been an odd year for me, finding my feet in a new job, lifestyle even, which has seen me take nearly double the time off work than normal but read 40 less books than I have managed in previous years, just 144 as it turns out, plus a couple of beta reads. Perhaps I’ve been using my new found freedom in other ways, I don’t know but heck – quality over quantity, isn’t what they say, and I have read some absolutely bloody cracking books this year. I’m looking forward to the year ahead and have already made headway into my Orenda reading as has Mandie. Having read some advance 2020 titles I’m also really excited for what is yet to come this year. If I can find the energy I’ll maybe do a most anticipated post, but don’t hold your breath. I was up late last night reading a complete cracker of a book and I am cream-crackered. Worth it though.

I’ve had a grand year. Been to festivals (more than I expected this year), spent time with lovely bookish folk, made new lifelong friends, adopted a little sister, and had much merriment. I’ve read books that made me laugh, others that made me cry, even some that made me go ewww – teehee. It’s been a rollercoaster ride but one I’ve enjoyed and don’t want to get off any time soon. Who knew being a bookgeek was so much fun?

So here is my year in books. Maybe you’ve read some, maybe some take your fancy. Maybe you can tell me what I’ve missed that I really should catch up on next year. Maybe you just want to bid adieu right here and in which case I wish you all a very good day and a Happy New Year. It’s been emotional …

Happy New Year – see you next decade.


4 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2019 – My Year in Books

  1. I’m amazed you managed to read all of these books what with everything else that goes on in your life.
    Thank you for being such an incredible support and for all the fun posts on social media.
    Hope you (and Mandie) have a wonderful 2020. xx

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    1. Thank you Carol and thanks for writing so many amazing g books. Makes reading a real pleasure. Happy New Year to you and Mr Grumpy. Hope 2020 is all you wish it to be and more. xx


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