Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 15/12/19

Another week, another seven days closer to Christmas. And another seven days of my bookvent countdown. See what I did there? Nothing much occurring this week. Survived my last full week at work for 2019, as well as Christmas lunch with my team – most enjoyable – and posted a few reviews. The most I’ve posted in a long while to be fair. Reading took a nose dive as I’ve been shattered, but looking forward to a nice week of nothing but books over Christmas to catch up. Bring it on.

My #bookvent countdown continues with a few cheats this week as it was too hard to choose books. So I didn’t – I doubled up. Three times – oops. They were all excellent choices though so I forgive me. Here’s a recap.

Day Nine – Part One – Time for the Dead by Lin Anderson
Day Nine – Part Two – What Lies Buried by Margaret Kirk
Day Ten – The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry
Day Eleven – Part One – Blood Song by Johana Gustawsson
Day Eleven – Part Two – Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech
Day Twelve – Bad Turn by Zoë Sharp
Day Thirteen – Little Siberia by Antti Tuomainen
Day Fourteen – Part One – Imopostor by LJ Ross
Day Fourteen – Part Two – The Moor by LJ Ross
Day Fifteen – Changeling by Matt Wesolowski

As you read this, I will be heading north as I’ve got a few days of fun pencilled in to celebrate Mandie’s birthday. That means probably little reading for the next couple of days either but hey, we have a train journey or two so I might get a few pages completed.

No book post this week – not a bad thing is it given I’m so poop at reading right now. I did have a couple of surprises via e-mail, one of which will become clear as you read onward. E-books are always welcome 😉and a huge thank you to Karen Sullivan for these beauties. No books ordered this week, and no new Netgalley books. I know right? I am probably the world’s lousiest book lover right now and I hang my head in shame … I did book a trip to Edinburgh in February for the launch of James Oswald’s tenth Inspector McLean book though so that’s bookish and I can be forgiven, right?

Books I have read

Beast – Matt Wesolowski

Elusive online journalist Scott King examines the chilling case of a young vlogger found frozen to death in the legendary local ‘vampire tower’, in another explosive episode of Six Stories…

In the wake of the ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap that ravaged the UK in 2018, a grisly discovery was made in a ruin on the Northumbrian coast. Twenty-four-year-old Vlogger, Elizabeth Barton, had been barricaded inside what locals refer to as ‘The Vampire Tower’, where she was later found frozen to death.

Three young men, part of an alleged ‘cult’, were convicted of this terrible crime, which they described as a ‘prank gone wrong’
However, in the small town of Ergarth, questions have been raised about the nature of Elizabeth Barton’s death and whether the three convicted youths were even responsible.

Elusive online journalist Scott King speaks to six witnesses – people who knew both the victim and the three killers – to peer beneath the surface of the case. He uncovers whispers of a shocking online craze that held the young of Ergarth in its thrall and drove them to escalate a series of pranks in the name of internet fame. He hears of an abattoir on the edge of town, which held more than simple slaughter behind its walls, the tragic and chilling legend of the ‘Ergarth Vampire…

Both a compulsive, taut and terrifying thriller, and a bleak and distressing look at modern society’s desperation for attention, Beast will unveil a darkness from which you may never return…

Backlash – Marnie Riches

Keep your enemies close and your neighbours closer…

When Private Investigator Beverley Saunders is tasked with going undercover, she relishes the chance to disguise herself as a cleaner in order to get close to Manchester bad boy Anthony Anthony, aka 2Tone. Anthony’s neighbours are suspicious of his wealth and sick of his anti-social behaviour, and Bev’s just the woman they need to find out what’s going on behind closed doors.

As Bev begins to infiltrate Anthony’s world, she soon realises she’s in danger – and this time, she might be too far in to get out. Alongside her sidekick Doc, Bev must fight to discover the truth – but when people begin to die, she has to ask herself – is exposing Anthony worth risking her own life?

Marnie Riches is back with a gritty, gripping thriller, perfect for fans of Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers.

Those are the only two I finished that I can talk about. I am reading one right now which is a kind of beta read so I don’t have details to share but I’m really enjoying it and this is definitely someone to watch out for! Busy week on the blog – recap below:

#Review – Hysteria – LJ Ross
#Review – Deathly Affair – Leigh Russell
#Review – I Dare You – Sam Carrington
#Review – The Blossom Twins – Carol Wyer
#Review – When Stars Will Shine – Short Story Anthology

#Extract – The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

We’ve no reviews planned this week at the moment, it will really depend on how we feel after a few days of galavanting about and overeating. We will be sharing Mandie’s top reads of 2019 and most anticipated reads for the next few months though so do stop by on Wednesday for that. Otherwise it will be more #bookvent posts from me so I hope you stay tuned for the rest of the countdown.

Have a fabulous week everyone.