Rewind, recap: weekly update w/e 24/11/19

Oh my days. One month today and it is Christmas!!! Can you believe it? Where in the hell has the year gone? It means that I only have a week in which to plan and prepare my 2019 #Bookvent posts and I am not even remotely ready for that yet! Plus I have a special project on the go which launches on December 4th, I am trying to finish NaNo, I have six reviews to write up and three books still to read (as a minimum) in 2019, and lots of things on the go at work (for a change). I am really looking forward to having a week off later next month – that afternoon tea at Edinburgh Castle cannot come soon enough …

So. How has your week been? I had a mid week trip up to Newcastle with work that took a little longer than anticipated. We had expected to be home around five pm but actually didn’t make it back until eight, so that really threw my plans for a loop. It also made me more tired than usual (I’m no longer used to these long days with lost of travel) and really impacted upon my NaNo efforts for the week. I’ve still managed to get some words down, but from being three days ahead, I’m now just under one day behind and need to knuckle down to catch up. Thankfully, I am now also in a position where I have to leave work at half three all week, whether I want to or not, so I will have more time to catch up in a evening. 1875 words a day is doable, right?

All of this has meant that I have had a rather pitiful week when it comes to reading so that’s why this post is made up mostly of mindless filler – sorry. I have been a busy bee with the booky books though, although in a non-reading capacity. Five preorders in which were The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith; Fallen Angels by Gunnar Staalesen; Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds; Ash Mountain by Helen Fitzgerald; and The Creak On The Stairs by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir. Yes – they are all Orenda and yes – I am absolutely bloody buzzing with anticipation for all of them.

I also preordered the Hardback edition of Bury Them Deep, the tenth Inspector McLean mystery from James Oswald. I already have it on order for Kindle but really need to keep my first edition collection up to date. Next up is to find out where I can stalk the poor chap to get it signed …

Two new books from Netgalley – The Murder House by Michael Wood, the latest Mathilda Darke book due out in January, and Backlash the next Bev Saunders caper from Marnie Riches. Super excited to read both of those.

Had some fabulous book post this week too. First up was a copy of Are You Watching by Vincent Ralph courtesy of Penguin. Then I received a copy of the paperback edition of The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides courtesy of Orion and Midas PR.

But my favourite book post of the week really has to be the signed edition of First Blood by Angela Marsons. Out in hardback on Thursday, this really is a thing of beauty.

Books I have read

Deathly Affair – Leigh Russell

The new novel in the million-copy selling Detective Geraldine Steel series

When a homeless man is found strangled to death, Detective Sergeant Geraldine Steel is caught off guard by the cold-blooded nature of the crime. A second murder suggests the existence of a killer whose motive is as elusive as he is dangerous.

In an investigation plagued by police scepticism, only Geraldine is relentless in her pursuit of the truth. As she is forced down unexpected avenues into the lives of three people caught in a toxic triangle of love and deceit, she discovers there is more to this case than any of them could have imagined.

Yep – that was the lot. One book and that took me all week. No reflection on the book – it was all me. Full week on the blog though with a bit of help from Mandie – recap below:

#Review – The Snow Killer – Ross Greenwood
#Extract – Highest Lives – Gordon Brown
#Review – Nothing Important Happened Today – Will Carver
#Review – Amazing Grace – Kim Nash
#Review – Dead Inside – Noelle Holten
#Review – Violet – SJI Holliday

The week ahead contains only one blog tour – I know right!!! The Sound of Her Voice by Nathan Blackwell is a good one though, so do stop by to check out Mandie’s review.

So that is it. My week in a nutshell. Even less exciting things happening to me this week, although I do hope to finish reading two books, complete Nano, plan my Bookvent posts and prepare for my project. Wish me luck …

Have a fabulous week everyone. Kitties say hi!


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  1. The book that jumps out at me on this post is “The Creak on the Stairs”. Went to Goodreads to add it to my TBR and …. it’s not there!! Gulp!

    Anyway Jen, have a fabulous (though busy) week.
    Sending Luna and Rory pats.

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