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I am delighted to be taking part in the audiobook blog tour for Impostor, book one in the brand new Dr Alexander Gregory series from author LJ Ross which is released on 31st October.

Now there are many fans loyal to the author’s other great creation, DCI Maxwell Finlay Ryan, so can she recreate that magic with a different breed of protagonist? Well, I have an exclusive clip from the audiobook to share with you all, as well as my thoughts Impostor and a chance to win a copy of the audiobook, just as soon as we’ve taken a look at what the it’s all about:

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About the Book

There’s a killer inside all of us…

After an elite criminal profiling unit is shut down amidst a storm of scandal and mismanagement, only one person emerges unscathed. Forensic psychologist Doctor Alexander Gregory has a reputation for being able to step inside the darkest minds to uncover whatever secrets lie hidden there and, soon enough, he finds himself drawn into the murky world of murder investigation.

In the beautiful hills of County Mayo, Ireland, a killer is on the loose. Panic has a stranglehold on its rural community and the Garda are running out of time. Gregory has sworn to follow a quiet life but, when the call comes, can he refuse to help their desperate search for justice?

Murder and mystery are peppered with dark humour in this fast-paced thriller set amidst the spectacular Irish landscape.

Available from: Amazon | Audible

Narrated by none other than Hugh Dancy, British actor and star of the critically acclaimed NBC series Hannibal, the book introduces readers (or listeners) to a brand new hero, Dr Alexander Gregory and is the first of three unabridged audiobooks being released by W.F. Howes. The book is out on 31st October – the perfect Hallowe’en gift for the adult trick or treater in your life – and I have an exclusive audio clip to share with you all.

Part Four – No Remorse

If you would like to win a copy of the audiobook for yourself, then all you need to do is like, share and comment on this post. I’ll pick a winner at Random from all entries received. If you want to know why I think you need this audiobook in your life, then read on.

My Thoughts

Now I am going to try and keep this brief as Mandie has also read the book and will be sharing her thoughts later this week. But as I listened to the audiobook (totally different) I thought I should share . the benefits of my wisdom. At the very least, tell you how great this book is.

And great it really is. You get a very different vibe when dipping into this book as Dr Gregory is only really on the periphery of the investigation, called in as a consultant by the Mayor of Ballyfinny, Maggie Byrne, who, coincidentally, is also the mother of the two main police officers in charge of the investigation, Connor and Niall. It is a most upsetting case, a young mother murdered and left in her own child’s bed for her family to find. The Byrne’s are convinced it can only be the work of an outsider, but Gregory is not so sure.

As always, the author has managed to create some very diverse and believable characters. Gregory will not be entirely unknown to fans of DCI Ryan, and in fact, Ryan’s pearls of wisdom are recounted within this story, so if you . are hoping for a crossover/hybrid case again, I don’t think it is outside the realms of probability. The Doctor is a very complex man and as the book progresses we get to know him very well. He is cautious, not solely down to the kinds of cases he has seen and the kinds of people he has come into contact with. He is also quite closed off, far more than even Ryan when we first met him, so I will be intrigued to see where the author takes his character.

While this first book is set in Ireland, the nature of Gregory’s job leaves the series open to explore so many settings that it really does make me quite excited for future books. Once again, although very different to her native and beloved Northumberland, LJ Ross has brought the setting to life, really capturing that small town feel of the Ballyfinny community and the contrast to Gregory’s normal, bustiling and yet isolated central London existence. The town, and its residents, felt real to me and I could feel the atmosphere, and the tension, building the further Gregory looked into the case.

It is not a pacy novel and yet it never once lets your attention slip, so don’t be surprised if you read this in a single sitting. I listened to the audiobook, which took me two evenings, but only because that media is always a slower pace than most people will read for themselves. Hugh Dancy manages to blend the intrigue, and the accents, with a kind of gravitas that sets the story apart from the Ryan series.

There are moments of light and shade, particularly when Gregory gets back home to visit his old friend Bill Douglas, but this did feel a slightly darker kind of book, perhaps more akin to The Infirmary which looked into Ryan’s past much as this book shows us far more of Gregory’s than you may have expected. Now that might have been because I listened rather than read the book as the intonation of a narrator can truly make or break the tale. This worked perfectly, and I really look forward to listening to more audiobooks in the series.

With a powerful opening and a surprising and shocking ending, this book left me smiling. We have another brilliant series on our hands here folks. And with another book out in time for Christmas I cannot wait.

Okay – not quite so brief then … Sorry (not sorry).

About The Author

LJ Ross is an international bestselling author, best known for creating atmospheric mystery and thriller novels, including the DCI Ryan series of Northumbrian murder mysteries which have sold over four million copies worldwide.

Her debut, Holy Island, was released in January 2015 and reached number one in the Amazon UK and Australian charts. Since then, she has released a further fourteen novels, all of which have been top three global bestsellers and twelve of which have been UK #1 bestsellers. Louise has garnered an army of loyal readers through her storytelling and, thanks to them, several of her books reached the coveted #1 spot whilst only available to pre-order ahead of release. Her books are available to purchase in e-book, print and audiobook narration on the Amazon store.

In addition to her DCI Ryan series, Louise has created a new series of thriller novels based around the central character of ‘Dr Alexander Gregory’, whose work as a psychological profiler takes him around the world. The first book, Impostor, will be available from Halloween 2019. She is also writing several standalone romantic suspense novels featuring strong female protagonists which will be available in 2020.

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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