Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 20/10/19

Another week, another five days at work. I know. It’s like a habit or something. Next thing you know, someone is going to be telling me I have to do this so that they continue to pay me. Like that’s a thing!!! 😝

What have you all been up to this week. I’ve done a bit of reading, a bit of audiobook listening (also reading, sort of) and a bit of shopping. Managed to complete my Orenda Book collection this weekend thanks to an impromptu trip to Birmingham and a kindly sister. At least I think it’s complete but I am happy to be proven wrong by anyone as it gives me something to work towards.

I’m not one for foody photos on the blog but we had the most gorgeous lunch, Kickin’ Hot Mac’n’Cheese at Holy Moly in Birmingham. It’s at Grand Central and not a word of a lie it has the best chicken wings and mac and cheese I have ever tasted. Classic Mac with sriracha hot sauce jalapenos and cajun chicken. Absolutely lush.

Back to the books, and it’s been a pretty quiet week all in all. Five new book books bought, Snow Blind, Night Blind, Blackout and Whiteout by Ragnar Jonasson, plus Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech to round out my Orenda collection. One bit of book post this week too, The Home, The upcoming new release from Sarah Stovell, coincidentally courtesy of Orenda Books. I also snuck in a preorder on a book that I’ll be revealing the cover for a little later today, When Stars Will Shine, a charity short story anthology on behalf of Help for Heroes. I also ordered the audiobook of No Mercy, the brand new Martina Cole novel.

Books I have read

A Deathly Silence – Jane Isaac

When the mutilated body of a police officer is found in a derelict factory, the Hamptonshire police force is shocked to the core.

DCI Helen Lavery returns from injury leave and is immediately plunged into an investigation like no other. Is this a random attack or is someone targeting the force? Organised crime groups or a lone killer?

As the net draws in, Helen finds the truth lies closer than she could have imagined, and trusts no one.

But Helen is facing a twisted killer who will stop at nothing to ensure their secrets remain hidden. And time is running out…

A gripping thriller perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson, B A Paris and Sophie Hannah

Impostor – LJ Ross

There’s a killer inside all of us…

After an elite criminal profiling unit is shut down amidst a storm of scandal and mismanagement, only one person emerges unscathed. Forensic psychologist Doctor Alexander Gregory has a reputation for being able to step inside the darkest minds to uncover whatever secrets lie hidden there and, soon enough, he finds himself drawn into the murky world of murder investigation.

In the beautiful hills of County Mayo, Ireland, a killer is on the loose. Panic has a stranglehold on its rural community and the Garda are running out of time. Gregory has sworn to follow a quiet life but, when the call comes, can he refuse to help their desperate search for justice?

Murder and mystery are peppered with dark humour in this fast-paced thriller set amidst the spectacular Irish landscape.

A Dark Matter – Doug Johnstone

Three generations of women from the Skelfs family take over the family funeral-home and PI businesses in the first book of a taut, page-turning and darkly funny new series.

Meet the Skelfs: well-known Edinburgh family, proprietors of a long-established funeral-home business, and private investigators… 
When patriarch Jim dies, it’s left to his wife Dorothy, daughter Jenny and granddaughter Hannah to take charge of both businesses, kicking off an unexpected series of events.

Dorothy discovers mysterious payments to another woman, suggesting that Jim wasn’t the husband she thought he was. Hannah’s best friend Mel has vanished from university, and the simple adultery case that Jenny takes on leads to something stranger and far darker than any of them could have imagined.

As the women struggle to come to terms with their grief, and the demands of the business threaten to overwhelm them, secrets from the past emerge, which change everything…

A compelling, tense and shocking thriller and a darkly funny and warm portrait of a family in turmoil, A Dark Matter introduces a cast of unforgettable characters, marking the start of an addictive new series.

I know I shouldn’t have read A Dark Matter yet as it wasn’t next in my list but I couldn’t resist and who is going to know anyway … A busy enough week on the blog, recap below:

#Review – Cage – Lilja Sigurdardottir
#Review – Borderlands – LJ Ross
#Review – The Children’s Block – Otto B Kraus
#Review – The Dinner Party – RJ Parker
#Review – The Perfect Dress – Louisa Leaman

The week ahead is a mix of regular reviews and blog tours. Tour wise we have The Roommates by Rachel Sargeant; Deadly Silence by OMJ Ryan; My Best Mistake by Carole Wolfe and Impostor by LJ Ross.

So it’s pretty much more of the same this coming week then I’m back on a round of bookish events that I am really looking forward to, but more on those as and when they occur. This coming week I will be writing up my last few reviews (currently three to go so better than normal) and doing a bit more reading, plus a lot of plotting.

I’ve decided to try NaNo again this year to see if it can kick start me on the writing again. I’ve left my reading schedule very very light, in fact I’m hoping to have the last of my 2019 agreed reads finished by the end of the month so I have nothing else to distract me. Mandie will be picking up the slack so you won’t necessarily notice much difference in posting until later in the month, but if you do miss me (not likely) take comfort (or not) from the fact I will be back.

Have a fabulously bookish week all. See you on the other side.