I Thought It Was You by Kirsty McManus

Today I hand back to Mandie who has a review of I Thought It Was You by Kirsty MacManus, book 4 in the Oceanic Dreams series of books. Thank you to the author for inviting us to review. Before we see what mandie thought, let’s find out all about the book:

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About the Book

When Liv Turner takes a cruise to get away from a bad break-up, all she wants to do is hide from the world for a while—and maybe hang out with her brother, who works in the ship’s casino. But soon after boarding, three things happen in quick succession:

1.Liv meets Wells, a gorgeous charity worker on his way to Cozumel.
2.She discovers that her ex has completely drained her bank account.
3.TV celebrity Jamila Castro begs Liv to take on the role of her rehab nurse to stop a vengeful ex co-star from ruining her career.

With Liv broke, and a twenty-thousand dollar incentive to help Jamila out, she reluctantly agrees to a week of pretending to be Nina from Louisiana. The only catch? She isn’t allowed to talk to Wells again. But that becomes difficult when he keeps showing up all over the ship and proving himself to be the perfect guy.

To make matters more complicated, Liv’s brother had booked her trip through a singles group, where it is a requirement to participate in their activities—as herself.

Will Liv be able to avoid having her cover blown, and stop Jamila from being exposed in the media? And will she be able to put Wells out of her mind?

Anything can happen on the Oceanic Aphrodite, but smooth sailing isn’t always one of them.

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Mandie’s Thoughts

I Thought It Was You is the fourth book in the Oceanic Dreams series. Each book is written by a different author and follows the adventures of different passengers and crew aboard the Oceanic Aphrodite. This time we follow Olivia who has booked on the singles cruise thanks to her brother Patrick working onboard in the Casino. She sees it as an escape from her ex-boyfriend who has managed to empty her savings account after they split. Finding herself suddenly drawn into the dramas of a daytime soap actress who has escaped her rehab and is trying to remain incognito you just know that nothing is going to be plain sailing.

Olivia (or Liv) as she liked to be called really had her work cut out for her, remembering her cover story as the hired help, and trying to be herself when she started falling for a fellow passenger. You quickly understand why she is willing to pretend to be someone she is not and in doing so puts her own happiness on the line. Despite this she is determined to follow through with her promise and even has a bit of fun along the way.

Kirsty McManus has created fun characters that you can’t help liking even when some of them are causing trouble, which isn’t always easy when you don’t have a full-length book to establish them over. I quite often found myself smiling at some of the situations they found themselves in. The story will keep you interested and has enough pace for you not to get bored.

I will admit that I am loving this series as although each book is set on the same cruise visiting the same ports you get to experience a different perspective each time giving it a fresh feel. Each book can be read alone but would heartily recommend that you work your way through all of them.

About the Author

Kirsty McManus was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to Queensland when she was 14. When she was 25, she lived in Japan for a year with her partner Kesh and worked as an English teacher. This was the inspiration behind her debut novel, Zen Queen. She also spent a year in Canada and then settled back down on the Sunshine Coast in 2008. She now writes almost full time, designs the occasional website and looks after her two little boys.

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