Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 15/09/19

No bookish news to share with you this week as I have done absolutely nothing. Well … I’ve read, obviously, but that’s as far as it’s gone. I spent a whole week at work, first time in a long time I might add, and a weekend, walking, reading and getting a little hot on my exercise bike in a bid to get my diet back on track and lose my last bits of chunk. Well, the last bits I want to lose. I’d need surgical intervention/amputation to deal with all of it.

Saturday saw me drag Mandie back through the Ercall and up the Wrekin in a bid to pretend we aren’t completely old and unfit and can still manage hills. We made it, and this time the view was clear so got a few nice pictures to make up for the climb. Saw a mushroom tree on the way home too.

Sunday we took the easy path, opting for a quick bimble around Attingham Park to look at the deer. Very pretty.

One bit of book post this week. The Perfect Dress by Louisa Leaman courtesy of Transworld Digital. One Netgalley book – for a tour – One by One by D.W. Gillespie. No book buys since last week. Probably just as well really.

I’m resting at the moment as I have two very full on weekends ahead. This weekend sees me head up to Stirling to attend Bloody Scotland and I can’t wait. This promises to be another cracking weekend and I’m looking forward to saying hi to some blogging and author friends. Plus I get to bring home Scottish contraband (i.e. crips and biscuits) so that’s always nice. Just … no-one tell my diet group!

Books I have read

Tightrope – Marnie Riches

What happens when a private investigator ends up being the one uncovered?

Having lost everything after a failed marriage, Beverley Saunders now lodges in the basement flat of a house owned by her best friend Sophie and her husband, Tim. With Bev’s former glittering marketing career in the gutter, she begins to do investigative work for other wronged women, gathering dirt on philanderers, bosses and exes.

But when Beverley takes on the case of Sophie’s friend Angela, who is seeking to uncover grounds for divorce from her controlling husband, Jerry, the shadow Science Minister, she soon discovers that she isn’t the only one doing the investigating…

Beverley has a secret history she doesn’t want coming out – but will she manage to stay hidden long enough to give Angela the freedom she deserves?

Marnie Riches is back in this darkly comic thriller, perfect for fans of Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers.

The Roommates – Rachel Sargeant

Do you really know the people you live with?

The dark and riveting new psychological thriller from the top ten Kindle bestselling author of THE PERFECT NEIGHBOURS. Perfect for fans of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR.

University is supposed to be the best time of your life. But Imo’s first week is quickly going from bad to worse.

A stalker is watching her flat, following her every move, and Imo suspects that her new roommates are hiding dark secrets…

When one of them suddenly disappears, the trauma of Imo’s recent past comes hurtling back to haunt her. And she begins to realise just how little she knows about the people she lives with…

One by One – D.W. Gillespie

The Easton family has just moved into their new fixer-upper, a beautiful old house that they bought at a steal, and Alice, the youngest of the family, is excited to explore the strange, new place. Her excitement turns to growing dread as she discovers a picture hidden under the old wallpaper, a child’s drawing of a family just like hers.

Soon after, members of the family begin to disappear, each victim marked on the child’s drawing with a dark black X. It’s up to her to unlock the grim mystery of the house before she becomes the next victim. 

Three books. Not too shabby considering how useless I’ve been at reading this year. Full on week on the blog. Recap below:

#Review: Heart in the Right Home – Lisa Hill
#Extract: No Man’s Land – Neil Broadfoot
#Review: Endgame – Daniel Cole
#Review: The Colorado Kid – Stephen King
#Review: Degrees of Guilt – H.S. Chandler
#Review: Trial by Battle – David Piper

The week ahead is a mixture of reviews but no blog tours. I know! Imagine that. Hopefully you’ll still drop by as there are some cracking books included.

I’m going back into rest mode now to ensure I have the energy for next weekend. I’ve got to navigate the street of Stirling with a lit torch again so we all need me not to fall asleep for that one …

Have a brilliantly bookish week all and I’ll see you on the other side.


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