Silent Heroes by Patricia Furstenberg

Today Mandie has a review of Patricia Furstensberg’s Silent Heroes. Thanks to the author for inviting us to review her book. We recently shared a guest post from Patricia all about her cover which you can find here. Before we hear Mandie’s thoughts on the book, here’s what it’s all about:

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About the Book

How far would you go to save strangers in need? A group of Marines and their MWD, Military Working Dogs, are about to find out.

When Talibans descends in the village of Nauzad and discover girls can read, a woman accepts the blame. Her teenage daughter witnesses the sacrifice and swears revenge, her life and that of her brother becoming intertwined with those of the US Marines serving at a military base nearby.

But the Taliban is infiltrated everywhere and friends or foes are hard to differentiate. The Marines fight with bravery to protect the civilians and to fend off the Taliban lurking at the ancient Qala-e-Bost fortress, thus protecting Bost Airport, a vital strategic point for the allies.

Faced with questions about the necessity of the war, with the trauma of losing their platoon-mates and the emotional scars of battle, the Marines race against time in one last battle of eradicating the Taliban before it is too late.

The War in Afghanistan is a contemporary, vitally important conflict whose meaning needs to be understood by the public worldwide. ‘Silent Heroes’ is a narrative about the value of life and the necessity of combat; the terror of dying; the ordeal of seeing your loved ones and your platoon-mates killed in front of your eyes; the trauma of taking a human life.

Read about very well trained MWDs, military working dogs, capable of detecting the smallest traces of explosives, working in the extreme weather condition environments, under the stressful battlefield situations that is the War in Afghanistan. Smart and agile, at the end of the day what these dogs are looking forward to is the close bond they developed with their handlers, which call themselves the dog’s partners, brothers, daddies.

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Mandie’s Thoughts

I have been a fan of Patricia’s books for quite some time. The majority of what I have read has been children’s books very much focused around animals. She has a great way of capturing their personalities and characteristics that engages the reader no matter what their age. Silent Heroes is another one of those books… this time they are service dogs based in Afghanistan, but they are not necessarily the main focus.

As soon as I saw this book and what it was about, I knew that I wanted to read it as the subject is quite close to me for various reasons. Patricia takes us to a base camp for the American forces and tells the story of a group of soldiers that have service dogs as part of their ranks as they complete several missions including clearing mines and rescuing captured civilians and military personnel. Despite the topic there are some lighter moments that will bring a smile to balance those moments that bring to the front the harsh reality of dealing with the Taliban.

I guess we always hear about what happens to the serving members of the forces but not always about the dogs that also risk their lives sniffing out IED’s. It never crosses our minds that they too can suffer from a canine version of PTSD. This book brings that to the forefront of your mind though. After all they witness the explosions and the devastating aftermath that occurs. They too lose loved ones (their handlers). The dogs are an extension of the handler’s family and often bring comfort in harrowing times. What I loved was the fact that the dogs hold a higher rank than their handlers. This just shows how valued they are.

Although this is a work of fiction there are truths to it that will tug at your heart. For anyone who has not read one of Patricia’s books then I would recommend this one.

About the Author

Patricia Furstenberg is a multi-genre author, poetess and mother. With a medical degree behind her, Patricia is passionate about mind, brain and education and the psychology behind it.

“Silent Heroes” is her 13th book and her first work of adult fiction. Like in many of her previous writings Patricia found herself gravitating towards dogs and war themes. How far human sacrifice goes? Whose truly are the spoils-of-war? Besides her books, Patricia blogs extensively and writes for various online journals. When she’s not writing or plays “mama-taxi” she loves reading, researching for forthcoming books and traveling with her family. She never counts how many cups of coffee she finishes in a day. Patricia lives happily with her husband, children and dogs in sunny South Africa.

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