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Today it’s back to Mandie who has a review of The Demons Beneath by WD Jackson-Smart . Thank you to publishers Panther Publishing who provided the copy for review. This is book one in the DI Graves series. Before we hear Mandie’s thoughts, here’s what the book is all about:

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About the Book

A detective new to London. A possible serial killer. And a demon?

When a bloody corpse is discovered in a North London park, Detective Inspector Daniel Graves is the man tasked with finding the killer. With no clues and no suspects it seems like a dead end. Then another body turns up and this time it looks like it could be his fault. Has his investigation caused the murderer to strike again? Is he dealing with a serial killer?

As the case gets ever more complicated, a report comes in of another suspicious death but this is nothing like any other Graves has dealt with. All involved are convinced that something supernatural is to blame. A demon. Daniel is no believer but could he be wrong?

With two cases on his shoulders and the truth behind each beyond his grasp, Graves must race against time before both killers, human or otherwise, strike again.

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Mandie’s Thoughts

Now I am going to admit that the author of The Demons Beneath is not one I had ever come across before, nor is the premise of the book one I would normally consider to have on my reading list, but sometimes it does you good to challenge what you would normally read and throw something in to the mix, after all how else do you discover a new series that you enjoy??

DI Daniel Graves is having a really busy time. Already investigating a murder that he doesn’t seem to be able to find a motive for, he is then called in to investigate a suspicious death where the family is convinced it is the work of a demon that has been haunting their house and terrorising their children. I was with the DI in his scepticism over the existence of demons but when he starts hearing and seeing things even he is not so sure.

The author has created a great team of detectives that seem to gel well even though this is the first book. Quite often it takes a little while for the characters to form but they really do seem to be established as though they have been part of a longer standing series. Graves doubts his abilities having only just recently moved from a rural setting to that of busy London so is not really used to the brutal murders he is now witnessing but his respect and friendship with DI Charlie Palmer gets him through some of the worst moments. His mini crush on one of his sergeants just showed his human side, even though he knew he would never act on it. In fact he came to respect her and value her friendship over the course of the investigations.

With the two investigations going on at the same time I kept looking for something that linked them together other than the obvious of the Detectives investigating them… and to find out if there was a link or if I was driving myself nuts for nothing then you will have to read for yourself as I am not going to give up that spoiler.

The whole book is very well written and fast paced, with the demon elements certainly convincing the reader that there is something not right in the house. As the cases are solved the motives and culprits revealed were not what I expected and the ending of the book had me reaching for book two straight away as I couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

About the Author

WD Jackson-Smart is a crime and horror/thriller writer from the UK obsessed with all things thrilling.

He has written the bestselling supernatural thriller Red Light, the Hollywood-based horror/thriller Slasher, as well as horror short What’s Yours Is Mine.

His new release Demons, the first in a new London-based crime series featuring Detective Inspector Graves, is out now. Search WD Jackson.

Author Links: Twitter | Website

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