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Today it is my great pleasure to be joining the blog tour for Proximity the debut thriller from author Jem Tugwell. Thank you to Amber Choudhary from Midas PR for inviting me to join the tour. I have a great guest post from Jem to share with you all, but first, lets take a look at the book and what it’s all about:

About the Book

What if the cash-strapped NHS can be given a second life by using tech to regulate our health and behaviour? 

What if we can eradicate knife and other proximity crimes by tracking everyone’s activity? 

What if civil liberty is seen as an acceptable sacrifice for the greater good? 
What if the convenience of technology is used for control? 

‘You can’t get away with anything. Lest of all murder.’

DI Clive Lussac has forgotten how to do his job. Ten years of embedded technology – ‘iMe’ – has led to complete control and the eradication of crime. Then the impossible happens. A body is found, and the killer is untraceable. With new partner Zoe Jordan, Clive must re-sharpen his detective skills and find the killer without technology, before time runs out for the next victim…

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It’s my own fault…

In setting Proximity in a world where ‘You can’t get away with anything…least of all murder’ it defined both thecrimes that are possible, and also the characters. When solving a crime is as simple as looking up who was at the scene, the task of being a police detective is really very simple. It’s like having a character in a police procedural novel when police procedure is ‘click a button’.

DI Clive Lussac is one of the main protagonists is Proximity. He is a career police detective with no crimes left to solve. In thinking about how he might feel, it seemed clear that he would be frustrated at his dream job disappearing. To compound this, I liked the idea that he had helped champion the introduction of the technology into policing and inadvertently contributed to own downfall. He did it for the right reasons, but saw the police force downsized. At the beginning of Proximity, Clive has forgotten how to do his job.

To allow the exploration of the impact on the police force, I also wanted Clive to have lived without all the technology for a lot of his life. That meant he had to be older. I wanted the other main protagonists, DC Zoe Jordan to have a different perspective. That meant she had to be young and having grown up with the technology. The different backgrounds and experience of technology provides an interesting dynamic and adds a natural conflict between the two partners. Both see different pros and cons.

When the impossible happens and a body is found, but the killer is untraceable, it’s time for Clive to try rediscover the police officer he used to be and re-sharpen his detective skills. It’s hard to talk too much about the other main characters without giving away too many spoilers, but sometimes peripheral characters can have more impact than their time in the book might suggest. I really liked writing Doris Barclay. A little old lady with a foul mouth was a great way to break a visual stereotype.

by Jem Tugwell

About the Author

Jem Tugwell is a crime fiction author with a Crime Writing MA from City University. In a past life, Jem had a successful career in investment management, and he now lives in Surrey with his wife. He has two great children and a dog. Outside of his family and writing, Jem’s loves are snowboarding, old cars and bikes. Proximity is his thrilling debut.

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